Chapter 122

Article I. In General

122-1—122-25.    Reserved.

Article II. Trees and Shrubs

Division 1. Generally

122-26.    Definitions.

122-27.    Permit required for certain activities.

122-28.    Chemicals, fire, smoke or gas prohibited in certain areas.

122-29.    Construction, electrical wires and house moving; protection of trees.

122-30.    Enforcement of article.

122-31.    Interference with city agents.

122-32.    Violations and penalties.

122-33—122-45.    Reserved.

Division 2. Nuisances

122-46.    Declaration of nuisance; trimming.

122-47.    Abatement of nuisance.

122-48.    Notice of abatement; contents.

122-49.    Notice by publication; trimming.

122-50.    Failure to abate nuisance; city removal, costs.

122-51.    Costs a lien; assessment.

122-52.    Violation of civil infraction.

122-53—122-70.    Reserved.

Article III. Weeds

122-71    Dense noxious growth prohibited.

122-72    Cutting required.

122-73    Responsibility for abatement of poisonous, injurious, or noxious weeds and tall grass.

122-74    Enforcement and abatement of nuisance.

122-75    Notice of abatement; contents.

122-76    Notice by publication.

122-77    Failure to abate nuisance; City removal, costs.

122-78    Penalties.


State law reference—Care of trees and shrubs, MCL 247.241 et seq.