Chapter 1

2.101 Classification of Districts.

The city is divided into zoning districts as follows:

Table 1. Zoning Districts




General Zoning Districts





Special Purpose Zoning Districts1


One-Family Dwelling District



Planned Unit Residential District


Medium Lot One-Family Dwelling District



Multiple-Family Elevator Apartment District


Large Lot One-Family Dwelling District



Manufactured Housing District


Two-Family Dwelling District



Recreation-Open Space District


Multiple-Family Dwelling District



Civic Center District


Residential Office District



Parking District


Local Business/Residential Mixed Use District



Governmental, Office, Technology District


Downtown Mixed Use District



Mixed Use District


Corridor Mixed Use District



Town Center District


Shopping Center Business District



Special Purpose District


Limited Industrial District





General Industrial District





Industrial Park District




1 Refer to Article 3 for use and development standards for special purpose zoning districts.

2.102 Required Conformity to District Regulations.

Except as otherwise provided in this ordinance, no structure or tract of land shall hereafter be used or occupied, and no structure or part thereof shall be erected, moved, or altered, except in conformity with the regulations herein specified for the zoning district in which the structure or land is located.

2.103 District Boundaries Shown on Zoning Map.

The boundaries of such districts are hereby established as shown on the zoning map, which accompanies this ordinance. The zoning map with all notations, references, and other information shown thereon shall be as much a part of this ordinance as if fully described herein. The zoning map shall be certified as the official copy by the city clerk and shall be kept on display in the building official’s office. This official zoning map, which may be a single sheet or composed of several map sheets, is the only official copy of the zoning map and information shown thereon supersedes and takes precedence over any reproductions appearing in any publication of the Zoning Ordinance distributed for the convenience of the public or appearing elsewhere. Maps and descriptions accompanying enacted amendments shall be displayed adjacent to the official copy until such time as the official copy is corrected. When so ordered by resolutions of the city commission, the official copy shall be corrected to show all amendments and the accuracy and completeness of such corrections shall be certified thereon by the city clerk.

2.104 Interpretation of Zoning Map.

Where, due to the scale, lack of detail, or illegibility of the zoning map accompanying this ordinance, there is uncertainty, contradictions, or conflict as to the intended location of any district boundary as shown thereon, interpretation concerning the exact location of the district boundary line shall be determined by the zoning board of appeals.

The board, in arriving at a decision on these matters, shall apply the following standards:

A.    District boundary lines are intended to follow centerlines of alleys or streets, rights-of-way, water courses, or lot of record lines, or be parallel or perpendicular thereto, unless such district boundary lines are obviously otherwise indicated as shown on the zoning map.

B.    Where district boundaries are so indicated that they approximately follow lot of record lines, such lines shall be construed to be such boundaries.

C.    In un-subdivided property, or where a district boundary divides a lot of record, the location of any such boundary shall be determined by the use of the map scale shown thereon unless the location of the boundary is indicated by dimensions shown on the zoning map.

2.105 Conflicting Regulations.

Where this ordinance imposes greater regulations, restrictions, or limitations by its provisions than are imposed or required by existing laws or ordinances, regulations, restrictions or limitations, the provisions of this Ordinance shall control.

2.106 Nonresidential Mixed with Residential Prohibited.

Except where specifically provided for in this ordinance, such as districts in which both residential uses and nonresidential uses are permitted or where a home occupation exists, nonresidential and residential uses on the same lot or in the same building are prohibited.

2.107 Construction Field Office.

A temporary portable field office or other portable construction related facility as an incidental use on the same site in conjunction with a construction project shall be permitted to exist during periods of construction subject to a site plan showing its location and approved by the Office of Land Use and Strategic Planning and complying with stipulations as specified under Article 6, Chapter 2.