Chapter 10
P-1 Parking District

3.1001 Intent.

The intent of this district is to provide specific locations for public or private off-street parking for those uses which are not able to provide adequate on-site parking or parking within their own district boundaries.

3.1002 Permitted Principal Uses and/or Exceptions.

Premises in such districts shall be used for an off-street vehicular parking area and shall be developed and maintained according to regulations in Article 4, Chapter 3 and subject to such regulations as are hereinafter provided:

A.    The parking area shall be accessory to, and for use in connection with one or more businesses or industrial establishments located in adjacent nonresidential districts.

B.    The parking area shall be used for parking or passenger vehicles, for incremental periods of less than one day.

C.    No commercial repair work or service of any kind, sale or display thereof, shall be conducted in such parking area.

D.    No signs of any kind, other than signs designating entrances, exits and conditions of use shall be maintained on such parking areas.

E.    Such parking lots shall be situated on premises on premises which have an area of not less than 5000 square feet and shall be contiguous and adjacent to the use it is intended to serve. There may be a private driveway, a public street other than a major or urban thoroughfare as defined in the master thoroughfare plan or public alley between such parking district and the use that it intends to serve. P-1 districts may also be permitted within 300 feet of the use they are intended to serve, provided these additionally permitted P-1 districts are not located across a major or urban thoroughfare, super highway, or freeway, as defined in the master thoroughfare plan, from such use unless a suitable pedestrian crossing exists or can be provided such as an overpass, underpass or controlled signalized crossing.

3.1003 Permitted Accessory Uses.

A.    No building other than those for shelter of attendants may be erected upon the premises and shall not exceed 50 square feet in area or ten feet in height.

B.    Walls, fences where permitted, landscape buffers and planting in accordance with regulations set forth in Article 4, Chapter 4.

3.1004 Area, Height, Bulk and Placement Regulations.

A.    Where the P-1 district is contiguous to a residentially zoned district and has a common frontage on the same block with residential structures, there shall be a setback equal to the required residential setback (25 feet) and a Type B buffer (see Article 4, Chapter 4). The land between such setback and street right-of-way line shall be kept free from refuse and debris and shall be planted with shrubs, trees, or lawn and shall be maintained in a healthy growing condition, neat and orderly in appearance. Planting shall be in accordance with Section 4.406.

B.    All regulations set forth in Article 4, Chapter 3 shall apply.

3.1005 Site Plan Review.

The planning commission shall review and approve or reject the site plans for all proposed parking lots in accordance with the standards and requirements of this ordinance, as set forth in Article 6, Chapter 2.