Chapter 10.16


10.16.010    Definitions.

10.16.020    Golf carts generally prohibited.

10.16.030    Golf carts permitted by exemption.

10.16.040    Violation--Penalty.

10.16.010 Definitions.

A.    "Golf cart" means a motor vehicle that is designed for the use on a golf course to carry a person or persons and golf equipment and that has an average speed of less than fifteen miles per hour.

B.    "Person" means an individual, corporation, partnership, association, firm, or other legal entity.

C.    "Driver" means the operator of a motor vehicle, golf cart, snowmobile, ATV, or any other motorized or nonmotorized mode of transportation. (Ord. 263 §1 (part), 2017)

10.16.020 Golf carts generally prohibited.

Pursuant to MCA Section 61-8-391, a person may not operate a golf cart on a public street or highway open to the public unless the operation is specifically authorized by the town of West Yellowstone pursuant to the process and procedure established in this chapter. (Ord. 263 §1 (part), 2017)

10.16.030 Golf carts permitted by exemption.

Golf carts may be specifically authorized by the town council in limited areas on public streets within the town limits under the following terms and conditions:

A.    Operating Requirements.

1.    A person operating a golf cart on a public street shall have a valid driver’s license or valid low speed restricted driver’s license.

2.    A golf cart may not be operated on a public street unless it is equipped with:

a.    Two headlamps, but no more than two headlamps;

b.    Two tail lamps, but no more than two tail lamps;

c.    At least one reflector;

d.    Stop lamps;

e.    Seatbelts for the driver and all passengers;

f.    A horn;

g.    A rearview mirror that reflects to the driver a view of the roadway behind the cart; and

h.    Turn signals.

3.    Prior to operation on a public street, the golf cart must be appropriately registered with the Montana Motor Vehicle Division per MCA Section 61-3-321. The registration decal must be displayed visibly on the golf cart at all times of operation.

4.    The owner of a golf cart that is registered and operated on a public street by the owner or with the owner’s permission shall continuously provide insurance against loss resulting from liability imposed by law for bodily injury or death or damage to property suffered by a person caused by the usage of a golf cart in amount not less than required by MCA Section 61-6-103.

B.    Time and Place of Operation.

1.    No golf cart may be driven, operated, or controlled on public streets or highways:

a.    Without the use of lights as equipped;

b.    Contrary to any traffic law of the town or the state of Montana;

c.    With more people than seats and seatbelts within the vehicle;

d.    On any federal highways within the town limits;

e.    In any area where motor vehicle traffic is prohibited, blockaded or presents hazardous travel, including but not limited to nonmotorized paths or sidewalks.

2.    Golf carts are specifically prohibited from operating on public streets for which the posted speed limit exceeds twenty-five miles per hour. (Ord. 263 §1 (part), 2017)

10.16.040 Violation--Penalty.

Violation of this chapter shall be considered a municipal infraction and shall be punished by a fine of not more than three hundred dollars for the first offense and five hundred dollars for subsequent offenses. Incarceration shall not be a penalty for violating this chapter. (Ord. 263 §1 (part), 2017)