Chapter 15.08


15.08.010    Compliance with building code regulations required.

15.08.020    Exterior finish.

15.08.030    Permit required.

15.08.040    Applicable within city limits only.

15.08.050    Conflicts with building code.

15.08.060    Nuisance declared--Penalty.

15.08.010 Compliance with building code regulations required.

No building or other structure with a floor space exceeding zero square feet shall be moved from one location within the town to another unless the same shall prior to or within thirty days following the movement of such building or structure comply in all respects with applicable building codes. (Ord. 210 §9, 2003: Ord. 137 §5, 1989; Ord. 49 §1, 1971)

15.08.020 Exterior finish.

Any building or structure moved in conformity with this chapter shall thirty days or less after the move have the exterior thereof painted, varnished or log-oiled in such a manner that the same shall have the appearance of a new finish. (Ord. 49 §2, 1971)

15.08.030 Permit required.

No building or structure shall be moved within the town without the issuance of a permit therefor by the clerk of this town which shall be issued by the clerk upon payment of a fee of fifty dollars. (Ord. 54 §1, 1972: Ord. 49 §4, 1971)

15.08.040 Applicable within city limits only.

This chapter shall not apply to buildings or structures being moved from the town to premises outside the limits of the town and further shall not apply to movements of structures by an owner within the boundaries of lands then owned by such owner. (Ord. 49 §5, 1971)

15.08.050 Conflicts with building code.

This chapter shall supplement applicable building codes. In the event of conflict between this chapter and applicable building codes, the latter shall prevail. (Ord. 210 §10, 2003: Ord. 49 §8, 1971)

15.08.060 Nuisance declared--Penalty.

The ownership or occupancy of a building or structure not complying with the requirements of this chapter is a nuisance. Violation of this chapter is a municipal infraction subject to the provisions of Sections 7-1-4150 through 7-1-4152, MCA. (Ord. 207 §38, 2000: Ord. 49 §3, 1971)