Chapter 2.60


2.60.010    Schedules adopted.

2.60.020    Authority.

2.60.030    Inspection of public records policy.

2.60.040    Procedures for requesting records.

2.60.050    Fees for reproduction of public record.

2.60.010 Schedules adopted.

Records retention and disposition schedules developed, issued and amended by the New Mexico Commission on Public Records are hereby adopted as the official policy for the retention and disposition of the records and files of the municipality. [Res. 2008-12].

2.60.020 Authority.

The municipal clerk-administrator is hereby authorized and directed to maintain the records management program for the municipality and to apply the retention period assigned by said records retention and disposition schedules to all records and files of the municipality. [Amended during 2014 codification; Res. 2008-12].

2.60.030 Inspection of public records policy.

Everyone has a right to inspect any public record of the Village of Cimarron, except:

A. Records concerning physical or mental examinations.

B. Letters of reference concerning employment, licensing or permits.

C. Letters which are matters of opinion in personnel files.

D. Law enforcement records revealing confidential sources.

E. As provided by the Confidential Materials Act.

F. As otherwise provided by law. [Res. 2008-14 § 1 (Exh. A)].

2.60.040 Procedures for requesting records.

A. An oral or written request is made to the custodian of record. The village clerk-administrator is the custodian of record for the Village of Cimarron. If a record is readily available where it is created, stored, or maintained, the request may be made in that office. Police incident records are in the Cimarron police department and requests shall be made to the records section.

B. A written request shall provide the name, address and telephone number of the person requesting review of records. Records shall be identified as accurately as possible. A form is available in any Village office.

C. Inspection will be granted immediately, or when is practicable under circumstances, but no later than 15 days.

D. If the inspection is not granted within three business days, you will receive a letter from the custodian of record telling you when it will be available.

E. Confidential information in a specific record will be removed.

F. The Village of Cimarron is not required to create a record that does not exist.

G. Very difficult or large requests may take longer than 15 days. If time extends past 15 days, you will receive a letter from the custodian of record telling you when it will be available.

H. If your request to inspect records is denied, the custodian of record will explain the denial.

I. If the custodian of record does not deliver the records requested, or denied the inspection of the records incorrectly, a penalty may be imposed on the Village.

J. Actions to enforce the Inspection of Public Records Act are taken by the Attorney General, or the district attorney. [Amended during 2014 codification; Res. 2008-14 § 1 (Exh. A)].

2.60.050 Fees for reproduction of public record.




Routine Copies of Documents

May be charged in advance. If mailing is expected, actual costs for postage will also be charged.

$0.50 per page

Xerox Copies

Engineering Maps

$1.00 per square foot

Ink Jet Plotter

Engineering Design Documents

$3.00 per square foot

All Police/Accident Reports


First 3 pages free, $1.00 per page thereafter


All Others

$1.00 per page



$3.00 for 1 – 5 duplicates



$0.35 each thereafter

Video Tape Copy

VHS Format

$10.00 per each tape transfer

Audio Tape Copy

Cassette Format

$7.50 per each tape copy

Criminal/Arrest History

No Record Found

$1.00 per page (not to exceed $5.00)


Record(s) Found

$5.00 first page, $1.00 per page thereafter (not to exceed $10.00)


Job Related, Non-USINS

$5.00 first card



$1.00 each additional card

[Res. 2008-14 § 1 (Exh. A)].