Article I General Provisions and Powers; Construction

1.01    Municipal Corporation; Purpose

1.02    Powers of the City

1.03    Intergovernmental Relations

1.04    State and Municipal Laws

1.05    Rights and Property

1.06    Construction

1.07    Charter Review and Amendment

Article II Governing Body

2.01    Corporate Authority; Composition; General Powers

2.02    Election; Terms

2.03    Council Districts

2.04    Compensation; Expenses

2.05    Vacancies; Forfeiture of Office; Effect of Redistricting

2.06    Filling Vacancies

2.07    Judge of Qualifications

2.08    Investigations

2.09    Governing Body Procedure

2.10    Action Requiring an Ordinance

2.11    Ordinances in General

2.12    Emergency Ordinances

2.13    Codes of Technical Regulations

2.14    Authentication and Recording; Codification

Article III Mayor and City Manager

3.01    Mayor

3.02    Power of Appointment; Process

3.03    Deputy Mayor

3.04    City Manager; Appointment; Qualifications; Compensation

3.05    Suspension; Removal

3.06    Acting City Manager

3.07    Powers and Duties of the City Manager

Article IV Municipal Judge

4.01    Creation; Power; Duties

4.02    Qualifications

4.03    Term of Office and Salary

4.04    Removal; Forfeiture of Office

4.05    Vacancy in the Office of Municipal Judge

Article V Departments, Offices, Boards and Commissions

5.01    Departments; Creation; Supervision

5.02    Department Directors; Hiring

5.03    Department Directors; Discipline; Termination

5.04    Personnel System

5.05    City Attorney

5.06    City Clerk

5.07    Boards and Commissions; Advisory Bodies

5.08    Planning and Zoning Board

5.09    Repealed

5.10    Repealed

Article VI Financial Procedures

6.01    Fiscal Year; Treasurer

6.02    Recommended Budget and Message; Recommended Capital Program

6.03    Contents

6.04    Review by Mayor; Submission to Governing Body

6.05    Governing Body Action on Budget and Capital Program

6.06    Appropriation and Revenue Resolutions; Limitation on Taxing Power

6.07    Amendments After Adoption

6.08    Lapse of Appropriations

6.09    Administration of the Budget

6.10    Prohibition of Overspending of Appropriations

6.11    Independent Audit

6.12    Investment of Funds

Article VII Elections

7.01    City Elections

7.02    Initiative and Referendum

7.03    Recall

Article VIII Conflict of Interest; Ethics

8.01    Code of Conduct

8.02    Repealed

8.03    Repealed

Article IX Transition

9.01    Charter Revision; Effective Date

9.02    Organization of Government

9.03    Officers and Employees


Amendments Adopted at the March 6, 1996 Special Municipal Election

Amendments Adopted at the March 5, 2002 Special Municipal Election

Amendments Adopted at the March 7, 2006 Special Municipal Election

Amendments Adopted at the March 6, 2012 Special Municipal Election

Amendments Adopted at the March 1, 2016 Special Municipal Election