Chapter 2.28


2.28.010    Created—Statutory authority.

2.28.020    Source of funds.

2.28.030    Board of law library trustees.

2.28.040    Expenditures.

    Prior ordinance history: Ord. 4-6-1915.

2.28.010 Created—Statutory authority.

A county law library, in and for the county, is established under and in pursuance of NRS 380.010 et seq. (Ord. 6-7-73-A § 1)

2.28.020 Source of funds.

A. In addition to the fees received by the county clerk as set forth in NRS 19.013, the following sum shall be set aside for the law library fund:

Commencement or transfer of civil actions including probate actions; appeals to district court from justice court or municipal court; first appearance or answer filed by a defendant or any number of defendants; will contest or objection or cross-petition to appointment of executor, administrator or guardian or an objection to the settlement of account of any answer in an estate or guardianship matters: fifteen dollars.

B. Nothing in subsection (A) of this section shall be deemed to increase any fee presently required by NRS 19.013 or by any other statute.

C. The fees in subsection (A) of this section, together with such other sums as may be provided by the board of county commissioners, shall constitute the law library fund which fund may, if applicable laws permit and the board of county commissioners and the board of law library trustees concur, be included as a subfund under the county general fund. (Ord. 9-7-93, 1993; amended during codification; Ord. 6-7-73-A § 2)

2.28.030 Board of law library trustees.

The law library shall be governed and managed by a board of law library trustees, consisting of all the members of the State Bar of Nevada residing and maintaining offices in the county unless their number is in excess of seven, in which event the board of county commissioners shall appoint seven trustees after consultation with the County Bar. The district judge or judges of the Sixth Judicial District shall be ex officio members of the board of law library trustees. (Ord. 6-7-73-A § 3)

2.28.040 Expenditures.

All expenditures from the law library fund shall be approved by the board of law library trustees or a majority thereof in accordance with NRS 380.120. (Ord. 6-7-73-A § 4)