Chapter 2.40


2.40.010    Office of public guardian—Established.

2.40.020    Public administrator—Appointed as public guardian.

2.40.030    Compensation.

2.40.040    Duties.

2.40.050    District attorney may act as counsel.

2.40.010 Office of public guardian—Established.

In authority in accordance with NRS 253.150 the board of commissioners establish the office of public guardian. (Ord. 8-10-93, 1993)

2.40.020 Public administrator—Appointed as public guardian.

The public administrator shall be appointed as the public guardian. In the event the public administrator resigns, then their replacement shall also be appointed as public guardian. (Ord. 8-10-93, 1993)

2.40.030 Compensation.

The compensation for the public guardian shall be determined annually and paid out of the county general fund. (Ord. 8-10-93, 1993)

2.40.040 Duties.

The public guardian shall conduct his/her duties in accordance with NRS 253.150 through 253.250. (Ord. 8-10-93, 1993)

2.40.050 District attorney may act as counsel.

The district attorney may act as counsel to the public guardian. (Ord. 8-10-93, 1993)