Chapter 2.50


2.50.010    Purpose.

2.50.020    Fee structure for Humboldt County departments.

2.50.030    Notice of public hearing.

2.50.010 Purpose.

This chapter is enacted to provide a structure that allows the various Humboldt County departments to charge fees to the public for services provided by those departments. (Ord. 10-18-10 § 1)

2.50.020 Fee structure for Humboldt County departments.

Fees charged by a Humboldt County department (“department”), which are not mandated by state law, shall be updated at the discretion of the department and subject to final approval by the Humboldt County board of commissioners (“Board”). The department will provide its recommendation on fees to the board in the form of a resolution, and the board shall approve the fees at a public hearing. (Ord. 10-18-10 § 1)

2.50.030 Notice of public hearing.

The board shall set a public hearing on the resolution. Notice of the public hearing must be given at least once by publication in a newspaper of general circulation in the county at least ten days before the day of the public hearing. The publication of the notice shall include the summary of the resolution, and include the wording that a copy of the proposed fees can be obtained from the county clerk’s office, along with the time and place of the public hearing. (Ord. 10-18-10 § 1)