Chapter 16.36


16.36.010    Established—Purpose.

16.36.020    Fees.

16.36.030    Checking and inspection fees.

16.36.040    Recordation.

16.36.050    Bond required.

16.36.060    Bonds by surety companies.

16.36.070    Money or negotiable bonds.

16.36.080    Failure to complete.

16.36.090    Exoneration.

16.36.010 Established—Purpose.

The following fees and deposits are established to defray costs for processing, plan checking inspection and recordation of land division maps, parcel maps and subdivision maps. (Ord. 7-07-03A § 1; Ord. 10-16-75 § 1(100.900))

16.36.020 Fees.

The following fees will be paid at the time of submitting the application and map:

A. For parcel maps, the filing fee is one hundred twenty-five dollars for a preliminary map.

B. For a subdivision map, the filing fee is one hundred fifty dollars plus five dollars for each lot.

C. For a reversion to acreage or boundary line adjustment map, the filing fee is fifty dollars. No refund of filing fee will be made for any map or portion thereof deleted, withdrawn or abandoned.

D. For a large parcel map, the filing fee is one hundred twenty-five dollars plus five dollars for each lot. (Ord. 7-07-03A § 1; Ord. 4-21-86 § 1(5); Ord. 10-16-75 § 1(100.900))

16.36.030 Checking and inspection fees.

The subdivider will pay the following amounts as fees for checking the improvement plans and inspection of all proposed improvements controlled by the county prior to the submission of the final map to the board of county commissioners.

A. Three percent of the first estimated fifty thousand dollars estimated cost of proposed improvements, as determined by the county engineer.

B. Two-and-one-half percent of estimated cost of improvements in excess of fifty thousand dollars.

C. In addition to other fees and charges as required, the subdivider will pay a checking fee which will be twenty-five dollars for each map plus two dollars for each lot shown thereon, if an adequate computer printout is furnished, or five dollars per lot if the printout is not furnished. The fee is due and payable at the time the final map is presented for checking. (Ord. 4-21-86 § 1(5); Ord. 10-16-75 § 1(100.901))

16.36.040 Recordation.

The fees as provided by NRS 278.450 and 278.468 will be paid to the county recorder to defray the cost of recording of any map. (Ord. 7-07-03A § 1; Ord. 10-16-75 § 1(100.902))

16.36.050 Bond required.

The agreement referred to in HCC 16.32.160 will be accompanied by a faithful performance bond guaranteeing the faithful performance of all work specified therein, including the cost of setting survey points as determined by the department of public works (county road foreman). (Ord. 10-16-75 § 1(100.903))

16.36.060 Bonds by surety companies.

All tax bonds and bonds for special assessments and all faithful performance bonds referred to in this title will be furnished by a surety company authorized to write the same in the State of Nevada and is subject to the approval and acceptance by the county counsel. (Ord. 10-16-75 § 1(100.904))

16.36.070 Money or negotiable bonds.

In lieu of any faithful performance bond required by this title, the subdivider or divider may deposit with board of deposit in an irrevocable escrow with a bank, savings and loan association, or title company a sum of money or negotiable bonds equal to the required amount of such bond or security for the faithful performance thereof. This may be released by the county in accordance with board policy. (Ord. 10-16-75 § 1(100.905))

16.36.080 Failure to complete.

If the subdivider or divider fail to complete the improvements in the time specified or extension thereof, the board may take appropriate legal action against the subdivider and his bond with or without first causing such improvements to be completed. In the event of a cash deposit in lieu of a bond to secure the improvement agreement, the board may at its option cause the improvement to be completed and retain the costs thereof out of the deposit. In the event such deposit is insufficient to pay the full cost of such improvement, the subdivider or divider is liable for any balance. (Ord. 10-16-75 § 1(100.906))

16.36.090 Exoneration.

It is the duty of the director of public works (county road foreman or other persons designated by the board of county commissioners) to inspect all improvements installed and monuments set as to their compliance with this title and county standards. No sum of money or bonds given for faithful performance of such work will be exonerated from the agreement referred to herein until and unless the director of public works (county road foreman) certifies compliance thereto. (Ord. 10-16-75 § 1(100.907))