Chapter 17.08


17.08.010    Interpretation of boundaries.

17.08.020    Vacated rights-of-way.

17.08.030    Applicability.

17.08.010 Interpretation of boundaries.

Where uncertainty exists as to the boundaries of zoning districts, as shown, the following applies:

A. Boundaries are intended to parallel section lines or to follow lot or property and street or road lines as they exist at the time of passage of the ordinance codified in this title, unless specifically shown otherwise.

B. In cases of further uncertainty, the planning commission shall interpret the intent of boundary location. (Ord. 1-5-87A § 4(A))

17.08.020 Vacated rights-of-way.

In the event a dedicated street or alley is hereafter abandoned, all requirements applicable to abutting properties shall apply to such vacated rights-of-way. (Ord. 1-5-87A § 4(B))

17.08.030 Applicability.

The provisions of this title are declared to be in effect upon all land within the boundaries of each and every zoning district established. No lot, parcel or building shall be used, organized or maintained for any purpose or in any manner not specifically permitted in the district in which it is located. (Ord. 1-5-87A § 4(C))