Chapter 17.35


17.35.010    Purpose.

17.35.020    Permitted uses.

17.35.030    Accessory uses.

17.35.040    Prohibited uses.

17.35.050    Site-plan review.

17.35.060    Height regulations.

17.35.070    Area and yard requirements.

17.35.010 Purpose.

The purpose of the public facilities airport district is to maintain, preserve and enhance the viability of the Winnemucca Municipal Airport property owned and operated by the city of Winnemucca and County of Humboldt. (Ord. 2-03-03 § 1)

17.35.020 Permitted uses.

The following are permitted uses in the public facilities airport district:

A. Terminal building, including, but not limited to, food services and retail shops;

B. Hangar facilities and services;

C. Aviation fuel facilities and services;

D. Aircraft maintenance facilities, services and repair;

E. Aircraft rental facilities and/or charter services;

F. Flight instruction facilities and services;

G. Airport rescue and fire-fighting facilities, services and equipment;

H. Commercial air facilities and services;

I. Governmental uses approved by the airport board;

J. Other uses not listed, which, in the opinion of the airport board are similar to uses permitted outright and consistent with the purpose of the public facilities airport district. (Ord. 2-03-03 § 1)

17.35.030 Accessory uses.

Accessory uses and accessory buildings customarily appurtenant to a permitted use are allowed in the public facilities airport district. (Ord. 2-03-03 § 1)

17.35.040 Prohibited uses.

Prohibited uses in the public facilities airport district are:

A. Residential uses, except FBO residence and watchman’s quarters, as approved by the airport board;

B. Public assembly facilities, including, but not limited to, churches, schools and hospitals;

C. Notwithstanding any other provisions of this title, no use may be made of land or water within any zone established by this title in such a manner as to create electrical interference with navigational signals or radio communication between the airport and aircraft; make it difficult for pilots to distinguish between airport lights and others; resulting in glare in the eyes of pilots using the airports; impair visibility in the vicinity of the airport; create bird-strike hazards; or otherwise in any way endanger or interfere with the landing, takeoff or maneuvering of aircraft intending to use the airport;

D. Any use prohibited by federal, state or local law or regulation applicable to airports. (Ord. 2-03-03 § 1)

17.35.050 Site-plan review.

Site-plan review will be done by the airport board in lease negotiations. (Ord. 2-03-03 § 1)

17.35.060 Height regulations.

In the public facilities airport district, no building shall exceed three stories or thirty-five feet and no structure shall exceed the maximum height allowed per Chapter 17.58 HCC, A-H Airport Hazard Combining District, or FAA Standards. (Ord. 2-03-03 § 1)

17.35.070 Area and yard requirements.

There are no minimum lot areas, yard dimensions or setback requirements in the public facilities airport district. (Ord. 2-03-03 § 1)