The statutory references listed below refer the code user to state statutes applicable to Nevada counties. They are up to date through June 23, 2012.

General Provisions

Creation, boundaries, seats, abolishment

NRS ch. 243

General powers

NRS 244.150 et seq.


NRS 244.095 et seq.

County code

NRS 244.116 et seq.

County printing

NRS 244.330


NRS title 24

County initiative and referendum

NRS 295.075 et seq.

Campaign practices

NRS ch. 294A

Eminent domain

NRS ch. 37

Special census

NRS 244.183

Administration and Personnel

Board of county commissioners

NRS 244.010 et seq.

Meetings of state and local agencies

NRS ch. 241

County managers

NRS 244.125 et seq.

County officers and employees generally

NRS ch. 245

Official bonds

NRS 282.040 et seq.

Office hours

NRS 245.040

County clerks

NRS ch. 246

County recorders

NRS ch. 247


NRS ch. 248

County treasurers

NRS ch. 249

County assessors

NRS ch. 250

County auditors and comptrollers

NRS ch. 251

Registrar of voters

NRS 244.164

District attorneys

NRS ch. 252

Security officers

NRS 244.167

Public administrators

NRS 253.010 et seq.

Public guardians

NRS 253.150 et seq.

County engineers

NRS ch. 254

County surveyors

NRS ch. 255


NRS ch. 258

Coroners and coroner districts

NRS ch. 259 and 244.163

County public defenders

NRS ch. 260

County fire departments

NRS 244.2961 et seq.

County park and recreation commissions

NRS 244.3071 et seq.

County park commissions

NRS 244.308 et seq.

County museums, art centers, historical societies

NRS 244.377 et seq.

Department of public works

NRS 244.151 et seq.

Public records

NRS ch. 239

Juvenile forestry camps

NRS 244.2969 et seq.

County property

NRS 244.265 et seq.

Planning commissions

NRS 278.030 et seq.

Cooperative agreements between political subdivisions

NRS ch. 277

Meetings of state and local agencies

NRS ch. 241

General provisions applicable to public officers and employees

NRS ch. 281

Public employees retirement

NRS ch. 286

Programs for public employees

NRS ch. 287

Local Government Employee-Management Relations Act

NRS ch. 288

Advisory boards

NRS 244.1945

Housing authorities

NRS ch. 315

Prosecution and defense of suits

NRS 244.165

Legal notices

NRS ch. 238

Revenue and Finance

Financial powers generally

NRS 244.200 et seq.

Claims against county

NRS 244.245 et seq.

Financing of public improvements

NRS ch. 244A

Graffiti reward and abatement fund

NRS 244.3695


NRS 244.320 et seq.

County property

NRS 244.265 et seq.

Levy of taxes

NRS 244.150

Expenditure of public money

NRS 244.1505

Local Government Purchasing Act

NRS ch. 332

Transient lodging tax

NRS 244.3351 et seq.

Business Licenses and Regulations

Regulation and licensing of businesses and occupations

NRS 244.335 et seq.

State gaming laws

NRS title 41

Professions, occupations and businesses: state regulation

NRS title 54

Alcohol sales

NRS 244.350 et seq.

Charitable solicitations

NRS 244.3555

Farmers' markets

NRS 244.336 et seq.

Dance halls, escort services and gambling games or devices, prostitution

NRS 244.345


NRS 244.348 and ch. 646

Tent shows, circuses, theme parks, and permanent exhibitions

NRS 244.340

Business relocation

NRS 244.349

Outdoor assemblies

NRS 244.354 et seq.


Animal control ordinances authorized

NRS 244.355, 244.359

Rabies control

NRS 244.358

Cruelty to animals

NRS ch. 574

Health and Safety

Health and safety generally

NRS 244.355 et seq.

Meat, fish, produce, poultry and eggs

NRS ch. 583

Dairy products

NRS ch. 584

Abatement of nuisances

NRS 244.360


NRS 244.3691 et seq.

Smoke and air pollution

NRS 244.361

Noise control

NRS 244.363


NRS 244.367

Enforcement of fire regulations

NRS 244.3673

Food handlers

NRS 244.369

Care of indigent sick

NRS 244.160

Medical facilities and services

NRS 244.1605

Franchises for garbage collection, disposal services, fire protection, ambulance service

NRS 244.187

Water pollution

NRS 244.365

Public Peace, Morals and Welfare

Police and vagrancy ordinances authorized

NRS 244.357

Juvenile forestry camps

NRS 244.2969 et seq.

Regulation and licensing of outdoor assemblies

NRS 244.354 et seq.

State penal code

NRS title 15

Rehabilitation of delinquent children

NRS 244.162

Promotion of civil and equal rights

NRS 244.161

Weapons and firearms

NRS 244.364

Rewards for apprehension of criminals

NRS 244.170 and 244.175

Vehicles and Traffic

Traffic ordinances authorized

NRS 244.357 and 484A.400 et seq.

State traffic code

NRS ch. 484A


NRS ch. 486

Parking facilities

NRS 244.294

Parking ordinances

NRS 244.3575

County owned vehicles

NRS 244.296

Streets, Sidewalks and Public Places

Parks and recreation

NRS 244.300 et seq.

Regulation and licensing of outdoor assemblies

NRS 244.354 et seq.

Public works and planning

NRS title 28

Roads and bridges

NRS 244.155

Graffiti removal

NRS 244.3691 et seq.

Public Services

Financing of public improvements

NRS ch. 244A

Water and sewer facilities

NRS 244.366 et seq.

Wasting water

NRS 244.3665


NRS 244.292

Public works generally

NRS 244.151 et seq.

Roads and bridges

NRS 244.155


NRS 244.157

Neighborhood justice centers

NRS 244.1607

Buildings and Construction

County building codes, regulations

NRS 244.3675, 244.368

Dangerous structures

NRS 244.3601 et seq.

Impact fees for new development

NRS ch. 278B



NRS 278.320 et seq.


Planning and zoning

NRS ch. 278