Chapter 2.10


2.10.010    Recorder/auditor warrant issuance authority.

2.10.020    Transactions and payroll checks--Approval by county commissioners.

2.10.010 Recorder/auditor warrant issuance authority.

The recorder/auditor is authorized to issue warrants for the following:

A.    Payroll;

B.    Jurors’ fees;

C.    Witness fees;

D.    Refund taxes;

E.    Refunds/water deposits;

F.    Utility bills;

G.    Telephone bills;

H.    Employee benefits/retirement/major medical;

I.    Disbursement of funds held in trust;

J.    Petty cash fund-sheriff/jail concession ($200.00 maximum);

K.    Postage/machines;

L.    Payroll taxes;

M.    Investments;

N.    Refunds--Excess amount to serve civil papers;

O.    VCCTA-Room tax;

P.    Transfers. (Res. 99-24, 6/15/99: Res. 91-6(part), 8/6/91)

2.10.020 Transactions and payroll checks--Approval by county commissioners.

All the transactions listed in Section 2.10.010, and payroll checks, must be submitted for approval by the Storey County commissioners at the next regularly scheduled meeting, following the processing of claims. (Res. 91-6(part), 8/6/91)