Chapter 2.16


2.16.010    Created.

2.16.020    Excavations in cemeteries.

2.16.030    Director--Office created.

2.16.040    Director--Duties.

2.16.010 Created.

There is created the department of public works, which shall have the duties and functions set forth in NRS 244.151. (Ord. 65 § 1, 1975)

2.16.020 Excavations in cemeteries.

The board of commissioners entrusts and empowers both the determination of excavation fees and the related excavation services at the Virginia City cemeteries to the department of public works. (Res. 856, 1985)

2.16.030 Director--Office created.

There is created a director of public works, who shall serve at the pleasure of the board of county commissioners, with preference being given to bona fide residents of the county. (Ord. 65 § 2, 1975)

2.16.040 Director--Duties.

The director of public works shall supervise all functions of the former road department, act as superintendent of the county water department, supervise the buildings and grounds department, garbage and refuse disposal, and maintenance of the cemeteries, and shall supervise all employees of these departments, and may utilize the various employees in one or more of the departments as set out in this section as will best serve the interests of the county. (Ord. 65 § 4, 1975)