Title 3


3.04    Relief Tax General Provisions

3.08    Relief Tax Administration and Enforcement

3.12    Relief Tax on Sales--Sales Tax for City-County, Rail, Tourism, and Infrastructure

3.16    Relief Tax on Uses

3.20    Exemptions from Relief Tax

3.24    Relief Tax Returns

3.28    Relief Tax Deficiencies or Overpayments

3.32    Procedures for Collection of Delinquent Relief Taxes

3.36    Relief Tax Liability of Successors

3.40    Relief Tax Refunds or Credits

3.44    Relief Tax Records and Reports

3.48    Miscellaneous Relief Tax Provisions

3.50    Economic Diversification District Creation

3.52    Construction Tax

3.56    Reserved

3.60    Transient Lodging Tax

3.64    Medical Assistance Fund

3.68    Construction Fund

3.72    Returned Check Fee

3.76    Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax--Road Repair

3.80    Regional Transportation Commission

3.84    Residential Construction Tax

3.88    Jail Administrative Fee

3.92    Storey County Administrative Assessment

3.94    Collection of Additional Civil Filing Fees to Provide for Drug and Alcohol Prevention Programs

3.95    Account for the Acquisition and Improvement of Technology in the Office of the County Assessor