Chapter 2.02



2.02.050    City Library Department Continued.

2.02.052    City Librarian.

2.02.054    City Library Fund.

2.02.056    Donations to Fund.

2.02.058    Use of Fund.

2.02.060    Segregation and Investment of Fund.


2.02.100    Records Management Program.

2.02.102    Modification.

2.02.104    Destruction of Records.


2.02.050 City Library Department Continued.

There is hereby continued a city library department for the purpose of maintaining a public library to be known as the Beaverton City Library.

2.02.052 City Librarian.

The city library department shall be under the direction of the city librarian who shall be accountable to the mayor. The city librarian shall:

A. Formulate and recommend to the mayor for approval policies and procedures in connection with the management, operation and control of the Beaverton City Library and the activities connected with it; administer such policies and procedures when approved by the mayor; and conduct such activities for the City.

B. Formulate for approval plans and programs pertaining to the growth, use, and development of programs that will meet the reading and information needs of the inquiring public and residents of the community.

C. Supervise the selection of all books, periodicals and other materials used in the library.

D. Perform such other duties as may be required by the mayor.

2.02.054 City Library Fund.

There is hereby continued as a separate fund of the City a fund to be designated “Library Trust Fund”.

2.02.056 Donations to Fund.

The City may accept gifts, devises or bequests of money or property, hereafter called donations, to the Library Trust Fund. Donations to the City for the city library or for library purposes shall be considered given to the Library Trust Fund unless a contrary intent of the donor is evidenced. All donations shall be subject to approval by the Council. Donations may be accepted on such conditions as may be approved by the Council. Without limiting the lawful conditions which may be approved by the Council, donations may be accepted on the condition that the principal amount be retained and invested and only the income expended for the benefit of the Beaverton City Library.

2.02.058 Use of Fund.

The Library Trust Fund and the income from it shall be used exclusively for the benefit of the Beaverton City Library for books, library materials, and other property used by the library for capital improvements, but not including salaries of library personnel. Subject to any other requirements of law, all expenditures and disbursements from the Library Trust Fund shall be as approved by the Council following an opportunity for review and comment by the library board.

2.02.060 Segregation and Investment of Fund.

Assets of the Library Trust Fund may be segregated into separate accounts, and the separate accounts may, for convenience or in order to comply with the conditions or requests of the donor, be designated by separate names. Assets of the various accounts may be commingled for investment or accounting purposes. Assets of the fund, including all separate accounts, may be invested and reinvested from time to time by the City in such depositories or securities as may be lawful for investment of other City funds.


2.02.100 Records Management Program.

The mayor or the mayor’s designee shall establish a program to control the retention and disposition of the records and files of the City and its departments. A copy of the program shall be maintained by the city recorder. The program shall include:

A. a schedule of City documents;

B. a schedule of retention periods;

C. a procedure for annual purge of documents;

D. a report to the Council of the program established.

2.02.102 Modification.

The mayor or the mayor’s designee may modify the schedules and procedures. A copy of all modifications shall be maintained by the city recorder.

2.02.104 Destruction of Records.

Records that have been retained beyond the retention period shall not be destroyed without prior written authorization of the mayor, the city recorder and the city attorney. As a part of the records management program, the mayor or the mayor’s designee shall prescribe a form of “certificate of records authorized to be destroyed”. The original certificate shall be filed permanently with the city recorder. A copy of the certificate shall be permanently retained by the department whose records have been destroyed.