Chapter 5.60


5.60.005    Purpose and Scope.

5.60.010    Ninety-Day Notice Required.

5.60.005 Purpose and Scope.

The protections of this chapter are intended to provide tenants in the City of Bend with protections that supplement the Oregon Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (the Act). The provisions of this chapter apply to residential dwelling units within the City of Bend that are subject to a month-to-month rental agreement covered by the Act where the tenant has occupied the dwelling for more than one year, but do not change the amount of notice required by State law where the dwelling unit is being sold to a purchaser who intends to occupy the dwelling unit as their primary residence. [Ord. NS-2283, 2016]

5.60.010 Ninety-Day Notice Required.

A.    When a tenant has occupied a dwelling for more than one year, a landlord may terminate a rental agreement without cause specified in the Act only by delivering a written notice of termination to the tenant: (1) not less than 90 days before the termination date designated in that notice as calculated under the Act; or (2) the time period designated in the rental agreement, whichever is longer. This requirement does not apply to rental agreements for week-to-week tenancy or to tenants that occupy the same dwelling unit as the landlord.

B.    A landlord that fails to comply with any of the requirements set forth in this chapter shall be liable to the tenant for an amount up to three months’ rent as well as actual damages, reasonable attorney fees, and costs. Any tenant claiming to be aggrieved by a landlord’s noncompliance with the foregoing has a cause of action in any court of competent jurisdiction for these damages and such other remedies as may be appropriate. [Ord. NS-2283, 2016]