Chapter 7.15


7.15.005    Definitions.

7.15.010    License Requirements.

7.15.015    Applications.

7.15.020    Application Review.

7.15.025    Standards.

7.15.035    Temporary Suspension.

7.15.005 Definitions.

The following definitions apply in this section:

A.    Certification means recognition by the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training that a private security professional meets all of the qualifications listed in ORS 181.875.

B.    Private security professional means an individual who performs, as the individual’s primary responsibility, private security services for consideration, regardless of whether the individual, while performing the private security services, is armed or unarmed or wears a uniform or plain clothes, and regardless of whether the individual is employed part-time or full-time to perform private security services.

C.    Private security services means the performance of at least one of the following activities:

1.    Observing and reporting unlawful activity;

2.    Preventing or detecting theft or misappropriation of goods, money or other items of value;

3.    Protecting individuals or property, including but not limited to proprietary information, from harm or misappropriation;

4.    Controlling access to premises being protected;

5.    Securely moving prisoners;

6.    Taking enforcement action by detaining persons or placing persons under arrest under ORS 133.225;

7.    Providing canine services for guarding premises or for detecting unlawful devices or substances.

D.    Private security company means a business that provides private security services to others for compensation. [Ord. NS-2157, 2011]

7.15.010 License Requirements.

A.    No private security company may provide private security services within the City without a City private security company license. [Ord. NS-2323, 2019; Ord. NS-2157, 2011]

7.15.015 Applications.

A.    In addition to the requirements of BC Chapter 7.10, applications for a private security company license shall provide:

1.    Evidence that the private security company employs one or more certified private security professionals;

2.    Photographs of the private security company vehicles, uniforms, and badges. If the private security company has not yet acquired vehicles, uniforms or badges, drawings may substitute for photographs;

3.    Name, contact information and photograph, in uniform, if applicable, of all persons employed as licensed security professionals. [Ord. NS-2323, 2019; Ord. NS-2157, 2011]

7.15.020 Application Review.

In addition to other application requirements, applicants for private security company licenses may be required to meet with the Chief of Police to review the vehicles, uniforms and badges utilized by the private security company. [Ord. NS-2323, 2019; Ord. NS-2157, 2011]

7.15.025 Standards.

A.    All private security companies shall ensure that their employees conform to the requirements regarding certification prior to allowing them to work in the capacity of a private security professional.

B.    Private security companies shall ensure that their vehicles, uniforms and badges are in compliance with BC Chapter 5.40.

C.    Private security companies shall notify the Bend Police Department in writing within 30 days of the date of separation when a private security professional is no longer employed by the company. [Ord. NS-2157, 2011]

7.15.035 Temporary Suspension.

In addition to the basis for suspension authorized by BC 7.10.045, the City may suspend a license issued to a private security company when there are reasonable grounds to believe that the licensee’s employee:

A.    No longer meets the requirements for certification;

B.    Is a suspect of, or has been arrested for, any felony, persons crime or weapons offense. [Ord. NS-2323, 2019; Ord. NS-2157, 2011]