Chapter 7.60


7.60.005    Shared Micromobility Businesses.

7.60.005 Shared Micromobility Businesses.

A.    Shared micromobility business are businesses or other organizations that provide any transportation solution such as bikes, e-bikes, scooters, e-scooters, or any other small, lightweight vehicle used as a shared resource among multiple users that can be used for point-to-point trips. Shared micromobility businesses do not include businesses or other organizations that provide this kind of transportation solution from a fixed location that is not on City property or right-of-way, where the user returns the device to that location at the end of the for-hire period.

B.    No shared micromobility business may provide services or operate within the City without a valid license or permit, or upon receiving approval under a pilot-permitting or pilot-licensing program.

C.    Any violation of this chapter is a Class A civil infraction. [Ord. NS-2333, 2019]