Title 2
LAND USE DISTRICTS Revised 11/19 Revised 2/20


2.0    Land Use District Administration

2.1    Residential Districts (UAR, RL, RS, RM-10, RM, RH) Revised 1/19 Revised 2/20

2.2    Commercial Zoning Districts (CB, CC, CL, CG)

2.3    Mixed-Use Zoning Districts (ME, MR, PO, MU, and MN)

2.4    Industrial Zoning Districts (IG, IL)

2.5    Surface Mining Zoning District (SM)

2.6    Public Facilities Zoning District (PF)

2.7    Special Planned Districts, Refinement Plans, Area Plans and Master Plans Revised 11/19 Revised 2/20

2.8    Urbanizable Area District (UA)