Chapter 2.7


2.7.100    Special Planned Districts, Refinement Plans, Area Plans and Master Plans.

Article I. Lava Ridge Refinement Plan

2.7.200    Lava Ridge Refinement Plan.

Article II. NorthWest Crossing Overlay Zone

2.7.300    NorthWest Crossing Overlay Zone.

2.7.310    Definitions.

2.7.320    Districts.

2.7.330    NorthWest Crossing Special Street Standards.

Article III. Dean Swift Refinement Plan Development Standards

2.7.400    Dean Swift Refinement Plan Development Standards. Revised 12/19

Article IV. Medical District Overlay Zone

2.7.500    Medical District Overlay Zone.

2.7.510    Purpose and Applicability.

2.7.520    Permitted Land Uses.

2.7.530    Development Standards. Revised 12/19

2.7.540    Special Development Standards.

2.7.550    Architectural Design Standards. Revised 12/19

Article V. Waterway Overlay Zone (WOZ)

2.7.600    Waterway Overlay Zone (WOZ).

2.7.610    Purpose.

2.7.620    Riparian Corridor Sub-Zone.

2.7.630    River Corridor Areas of Special Interest Sub-Zone.

2.7.640    Floodplain Combining Zone.

2.7.650    Deschutes River Corridor Design Review Combining Zone.

Article VI. Upland Areas of Special Interest Overlay Zone

2.7.700    Upland Areas of Special Interest Overlay Zone.

Article VII. Murphy Crossing Refinement Plan

2.7.800    Murphy Crossing Refinement Plan.

2.7.810    Purpose.

2.7.820    Districts.

2.7.830    Murphy Crossing Special Street Standards.

Article VIII. Manufactured Home Park Redevelopment Overlay

2.7.900    Manufactured Home Park Redevelopment Overlay.

2.7.910    Purpose and Applicability.

2.7.920    Residential Density.

2.7.930    Special Development Standards.

Article IX. Farmington Reserve Master Planned Development

2.7.950    Farmington Reserve Master Planned Development.

2.7.955    Applicability.

2.7.960    Purpose.

2.7.965    Permitted Uses.

2.7.970    Development Standards.

2.7.975    Street Improvement Standards.

Article X. Central Oregon Community College (COCC) – Special Planned District/Overlay Zone

2.7.1000    Central Oregon Community College (COCC) – Special Planned District/Overlay Zone.

2.7.1001    Purpose.

2.7.1002    Definitions.

2.7.1003    Applicability.

2.7.1004    Permitted and Conditional Uses.

2.7.1005    Parking.

2.7.1006    Access and Circulation.

2.7.1007    Transportation.

2.7.1008    Development Not Requiring Site Plan Approval.

2.7.1009    Natural Resource Plan.

2.7.1010    COCC Road/Drive Design Review.

Article XI. Juniper Ridge Overlay Zone

2.7.2000    Juniper Ridge Overlay Zone.

2.7.2010    Purpose.

2.7.2020    Implementation.

2.7.2030    Employment Sub-District. Revised 12/19

2.7.2040    Town Center Sub-District – Reserved for Future.

2.7.2050    Educational Sub-District – Reserved for Future.

2.7.2060    Residential Sub-District – Reserved for Future.

Article XII. Stone Creek Master Planned Development

2.7.3000    Stone Creek Master Planned Development.

2.7.3010    Applicability.

2.7.3020    Purpose.

2.7.3030    Permitted Uses.

2.7.3040    Development Standards.

2.7.3050    Single-Family District.

2.7.3055    Multifamily District.

2.7.3060    Public/Community Use Districts.

2.7.3065    Commercial District.

2.7.3070    Housing Mix and Density.

2.7.3075    Street and Pedestrian Standards.

Article XIII. Wildflower Master Planned Development

2.7.3100    Wildflower Master Planned Development.

2.7.3110    Applicability.

2.7.3115    Purpose.

2.7.3125    Districts.

2.7.3130    Wildflower Glen Housing District.

2.7.3135    Wildflower Hills Multifamily Housing District.

2.7.3140    Wildflower Plaza Mixed Employment (ME) District.

2.7.3145    Site Plan and Design Review.

2.7.3150    Street and Pedestrian Standards.

Article XIV. Bend Central District

2.7.3200    Bend Central District (BCD).

2.7.3210    Applicability.

2.7.3220    Land Uses.

2.7.3230    Development Standards.

2.7.3240    Design Standards.

2.7.3250    Parking.

2.7.3260    Special Street Standards.

2.7.3270    Low Impact Stormwater Management.

2.7.3280    Landscaping.

Article XV. Shilo Master Planned Development (Repealed by Ord. NS-2351)

Article XVI. River Vale Master Planned Development

2.7.3400    River Vale Master Planned Development.

2.7.3410    Applicability.

2.7.3420    Purpose.

2.7.3430    Development Standards.

2.7.3440    Street Standards.

Article XVII. Oregon State University – Cascades Overlay Zone

2.7.3500    Oregon State University – Cascades.

2.7.3510    Purpose and Applicability.

2.7.3520    Definitions.

2.7.3530    Permitted, Conditional and Accessory Uses.

2.7.3540    Special Development Standards.

2.7.3550    Parking and Loading.

2.7.3560    Special Street Standards.

2.7.3570    Transportation Mitigation Plan.

2.7.3580    Transportation and Parking Demand Management Plan.

2.7.3590    Future Capacity Reservation.

Article XVIII. 15th Street School Overlay Zone

2.7.3600    15th Street School Overlay Zone.

2.7.3610    Purpose.

2.7.3620    Definitions.

2.7.3630    Applicability.

2.7.3640    Permitted and Conditional Uses.

2.7.3650    Development Standards.

2.7.3660    Design Standards.

2.7.3670    Access, Landscaping and Parking.

2.7.3680    Special Street Standards.

2.7.3690    Transportation Mitigation Plan.

2.7.36100    Future Capacity Reservation.

Article XIX. Discovery West Master Planned Development

2.7.3700    Discovery West Master Planned Development.

2.7.3710    Purpose.

2.7.3720    Applicability.

2.7.3730    Districts.

2.7.3740    Review Procedures.

2.7.3750    Large Lot Residential District.

2.7.3760    Standard Lot Residential District.

2.7.3770    Residential Mixed-Use District.

2.7.3780    Commercial/Mixed Employment District.

2.7.3790    Special Street Standards.

2.7.100 Special Planned Districts, Refinement Plans, Area Plans and Master Plans.

Special Planned Districts, Refinement Plans, Area Plans and Master Plans describe in more detail the type of development planned for a specific area than is typically found in a Comprehensive Plan, zone map, or public facilities plan. A Special Planned District, Refinement Plan or Area Plan may be initiated by the City Council at its own initiative in compliance with BDC Chapter 4.1, Development Review and Procedures, and BDC Chapter 4.6, Land Use District Map and Text Amendments and the Area Plan policies contained in Chapter 11 of the Comprehensive Plan (Type IV process), or at the request of property owners in compliance with BDC Chapter 4.5, Master Planning and Development Alternatives, and BDC Chapter 4.6, Land Use District Map and Text Amendments (Type III process). [Ord. NS-2318, 2018; Ord. NS-2289, 2017; Ord. NS-2016, 2006]