Chapter 3.0


3.0.100    Applicability.

3.0.200    Types of Development Standards.

3.0.100 Applicability.

All developments within the City must comply with the provisions of this code. Some developments, such as major projects requiring land division and/or site design review approval, may require detailed findings demonstrating compliance with each chapter of the code. For smaller, less complex projects, fewer code provisions may apply. Though some projects will not require land use or development permit approval, they are still required to comply with the provisions of this chapter. [Ord. NS-2016, 2006]

3.0.200 Types of Development Standards.

The City’s development design standards are contained in BDC Titles 2 and 3. It is important to review both titles, and all relevant code sections within the titles, to determine which standards apply. The City may prepare checklists to assist property owners and applicants in determining which sections apply.

A.    BDC Title 2. Each land use district in BDC Title 2 provides design standards that are specifically tailored to the district. For example, each land use district contains minimum lot sizes, yard setbacks, and building design guidelines that may be different than those provided in another district, due to differences in land use, building types, and compatibility issues.

B.    BDC Title 3. The development standards contained within the following sections apply throughout the City, for all land use types except where noted:

BDC Chapter 3.0, Development Standards Administration.

BDC Chapter 3.1, Lot, Parcel and Block Design, Access and Circulation.

BDC Chapter 3.2, Landscaping, Street Trees, Fences and Walls.

BDC Chapter 3.3, Vehicle Parking, Loading and Bicycle Parking.

BDC Chapter 3.4, Public Improvement Standards.

BDC Chapter 3.5, Other Design Standards.

BDC Chapter 3.6, Special Standards for Certain Uses.

BDC Chapter 3.7, Wireless and Broadcast Communication Facilities – Standards and Process. [Ord. NS-2016, 2006]