Title 4
APPLICATIONS AND REVIEW PROCEDURES Revised 1/19 Revised 4/19 Revised 9/19 Amended Ord. NS-2353


4.0    Applications and Review Procedures

4.1    Development Review and Procedures Revised 4/19

4.2    Minimum Development Standards Review, Site Plan Review and Design Review Revised 1/19 Revised 9/19

4.3    Subdivisions, Partitions, Replats and Property Line Adjustments Amended Ord. NS-2353

4.4    Conditional Use Permits

4.5    Master Planning and Development Alternatives Amended Ord. NS-2353

4.6    Land Use District Map and Text Amendments

4.7    Transportation Analysis

4.8    Transportation and Parking Demand Management (TPDM) Plan

4.9    Annexations