Chapter 9.05
General Provisions


9.05.010    Statutory offenses adopted.

9.05.020    Definitions.

9.05.030    Offenses outside City limits.

9.05.040    Separate violations.

9.05.050    Nuisance abatement.

9.05.060    Working out fine and costs.

9.05.010 Statutory offenses adopted.

The following listed provisions of the Oregon Revised Statutes are hereby adopted as they apply to misdemeanors, violations and infractions, and any violation thereof shall constitute an offense against the City:

ORS Chapter


161 – General Provisions

162 – Offenses Against the State and Public Justice

163 – Offenses Against Persons

164 – Offenses Against Property

165 – Offenses Involving Fraud or Deception

166 – Offenses Against Public Order; Firearms and Other Weapons

167 – Offenses Against Public Health, Decency and Animals

ORS 419.710, 419.720, and 419.990(1) – Curfew Violations

ORS 471.405 to 471.482 and 471.990 – Prohibitions Relating to Liquor

ORS 480.110 to 480.160 – Oregon Fireworks Law

[Ord. 637 § 1, 1995; Ord. 601 § 1, 1990; 1981 Compilation § 4-4.1.]

9.05.020 Definitions.

For purposes of this chapter:

“City Recorder” means the City Recorder of Brownsville, Oregon. [Ord. 601 § 2, 1990; 1981 Compilation § 4-4.2.]

9.05.030 Offenses outside City limits.

Where permitted by Oregon law, an act made unlawful by this chapter shall constitute an offense when committed on any property owned or leased by the City, even though outside the corporate limits of the City. [Ord. 601 § 50, 1990; 1981 Compilation § 4-4.50.]

9.05.040 Separate violations.

Whenever in this title, or any ordinance of the City, an act is prohibited or is made or declared to be unlawful or an offense, or doing an act is required, or the failure to do an act is declared to be unlawful or an offense, each day a violation continues constitutes a separate offense. [Ord. 601 § 51, 1990; 1981 Compilation § 4-4.51.]

9.05.050 Nuisance abatement.

No provision in this title shall preclude abatement of a nuisance as provided in Chapter 8.30 BMC. [Ord. 601 § 52, 1990; 1981 Compilation § 4-4.52.]

9.05.060 Working out fine and costs.

When a person is convicted of an offense under the laws of the City and ordered to pay a fine and costs and fails to pay or is unable to pay, the Municipal Judge may collect the fine and costs by sentencing the person to do public or community service. The length of time a person is sentenced to public or community service shall be determined by the Municipal Judge. Persons sentenced to public or community service shall be under the supervision of the City Administrator and his or her designee. [Ord. 601 § 53, 1990; 1981 Compilation § 4-4.53.]