Chapter 1.01


1.01.010    Code adopted.

1.01.020    Citation.

1.01.030    Supplementation.

1.01.010 Code adopted.

The 2004 loose leaf updated recompilation of the Burns Municipal Code recompiled and published by Code Publishing, Inc., is hereby adopted, and is declared to be the official version or compilation of the general ordinances of the city of Burns, effective upon the effective date of the ordinance codified in this chapter. [Ord. 768 § 1, 2004]

1.01.020 Citation.

On and after said effective date, provisions of the official publication of general ordinances of Burns shall be cited as “Burns Municipal Code” (or BMC) 00.00.00 (title/chapter/section). [Ord. 768 § 2, 2004]

1.01.030 Supplementation.

The city manager is authorized to issue periodic supplements to the Burns Municipal Code comprised of duly enacted future ordinances of general application, and to assign such future ordinances to logical locations within the municipal code based on title, subject and content, as appropriate. [Ord. 768 § 3, 2004]