Chapter 5.20


5.20.010    Nuisance declared.

5.20.020    Exemptions.

5.20.030    Issuance of license.

5.20.040    Revocation procedure.

5.20.050    Appeal.

5.20.060    Penalty.

5.20.010 Nuisance declared.

The practice of going in and upon private property in the city by solicitors, peddlers and itinerant merchants for the purpose of soliciting orders for the sale of goods or services, peddling goods or services, or soliciting orders for photographs is prohibited and declared to be a nuisance. [Ord. 08-795 § 4, 2008; Ord. 646 § 1, 1987]

5.20.020 Exemptions.

This chapter shall not apply to: solicitors, peddlers or itinerant merchants invited to visit specific identifiable residences. [Ord. 08-795 § 4, 2008; Ord. 646 § 2, 1987]

5.20.030 Issuance of license.

(1) The city clerk may issue the license upon acceptance of a complete license application.

(2) Prior to approving or denying an application, the city clerk may require the applicant to supply any additional information necessary to determine under BMC 5.05.080 the applicant’s qualifications for the license. Review of an application shall not begin until all requested information has been provided.

(3) All initial applications shall include a one-time nonrefundable application fee. [Ord. 08-795 § 4, 2008; Ord. 646 § 3, 1987]

5.20.040 Revocation procedure.

The city clerk may revoke the license for just cause upon 10 days’ notice in writing to the licensee, personally given or sent to the licensee’s address. The notice shall state the reasons for the revocation and provide an opportunity for hearing upon request. [Ord. 08-795 § 4, 2008; Ord. 646 § 6, 1987. Formerly 5.20.060]

5.20.050 Appeal.

(1) An organization whose application for a license has been denied, or a licensee whose license has been revoked, may, within 10 days after the notice of denial or revocation is mailed, appeal in writing to the council. The appeal shall state:

(a) The name and address of the appellant.

(b) The nature of the determination being appealed.

(c) The reason the determination is incorrect, or the basis for appeal.

(d) The requested determination of the appeal.

(2) An appellant who fails to file a statement within the time permitted waives all objections, and relinquishes all rights to appeal. If a notice of revocation is appealed, the revocation does not take effect until final determination of the appeal. At the hearing, the appellant may present evidence, testimony and oral argument. The decision of the council is final. [Ord. 08-795 § 4, 2008; Ord. 646 § 7, 1987. Formerly 5.20.070]

5.20.060 Penalty.

Violation of any provision of this chapter is punishable as a Class C violation under ORS 153.018. [Ord. 08-795 § 4, 2008; Ord. 646 § 8, 1987. Formerly 5.20.080]