Chapter 5.35


5.35.010    Short title.

5.35.020    Purpose.

5.35.030    Prohibition.

5.35.010 Short title.

This chapter may be referred to as the “psilocybin prohibition ordinance.” [Ord. 22-880 § 2, 2022]

5.35.020 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to prohibit (i.e., ban) the operation and/or establishment of psilocybin-related businesses within city, subject to voter approval. [Ord. 22-880 § 3, 2022]

5.35.030 Prohibition.

Subject to voter approval, city hereby prohibits the establishment and/or operation of the following in any area subject to city’s jurisdiction: (1) psilocybin product manufacturers licensed under ORS 475A.290; (2) psilocybin service center operators licensed under ORS 475A.305; and/or (3) any combination of the entities described in this section. [Ord. 22-880 § 4, 2022]