Division I. General Offenses

Chapter 9.05


9.05.010    Oregon Criminal Code adopted.

9.05.010 Oregon Criminal Code adopted.

(1) Chapters 161, 162, 163, 164, 165, 166, and 167 ORS, except for any provision classified as a felony under the state law, are adopted by reference. Violation of an adopted provision of those chapters is an offense against this city.

(2) The provisions of Chapter 161 ORS, relating to defenses, burden of proof, general principles of criminal liability, parties, and general principles of justification apply to offenses defined and made punishable by this division.

(3) Except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning, the definitions appearing in the general definitional and other particular sections of the chapters adopted by subsection (1) of this section are applicable throughout this division. [Ord. 642 § 1, 1987]