Chapter 10.20


10.20.010    Crossing private property.

10.20.020    Unlawful riding.

10.20.030    Roller skates, sleds, etc.

10.20.040    Damaging sidewalks and curbs.

10.20.050    Removing glass and debris.

10.20.060    Storage of motor vehicles on streets.

10.20.070    Obstructing streets.

10.20.080    Speed limits in public parks.

10.20.090    Unnecessary noise.

10.20.010 Crossing private property.

No operator of a motor vehicle shall proceed from one street to an intersecting street by crossing private property or premises open to the public. This provision does not apply to the operator of a motor vehicle who stops on the property to procure or provide goods or services. [Ord. 642 § 11, 1988]

10.20.020 Unlawful riding.

(1) No operator of a motor vehicle shall permit a passenger to, and no passenger shall, ride on a motor vehicle on a street except on a portion of the vehicle designed or intended for the use of passengers. This provision does not apply to an employee engaged in the necessary discharge of a duty or to a person riding within a truck body in space intended for merchandise.

(2) No person shall board or alight from a motor vehicle while the vehicle is in motion on a street. [Ord. 642 § 12, 1988]

10.20.030 Roller skates, sleds, etc.

(1) No person upon roller skates or a skateboard or riding in or by means of a coaster, toy vehicle or similar device shall use the streets except while crossing at a crosswalk, or in an authorized area.

(2) No person shall use the streets for traveling on skis, toboggans, sleds, or similar devices, except where authorized. [Ord. 642 § 13, 1988]

10.20.040 Damaging sidewalks and curbs.

(1) The operator of a motor vehicle shall not drive on a sidewalk or roadside planting strip except to cross at a permanent or temporary driveway.

(2) No unauthorized person shall place dirt, wood, or other material in the gutter or space next to the curb of a street with the intention of using it as a driveway.

(3) No person shall remove a portion of a curb or move a motor vehicle or a device moved by a motor vehicle onto a curb or sidewalk without first obtaining authorization from the city and posting bond if required. A person who causes damage shall be responsible for the cost of repair. [Ord. 642 § 14, 1988]

10.20.050 Removing glass and debris.

A party to a vehicle accident or a person causing broken glass or other debris to be on a street shall remove the glass or other debris from the street. [Ord. 642 § 15, 1988]

10.20.060 Storage of motor vehicles on streets.

No person shall store or permit to be stored on a street or other public property, without permission of the council, a motor vehicle or personal property for a period in excess of 24 hours. Failure to move a motor vehicle or other personal property for a period of 24 hours constitutes prima facie evidence of storage of a motor vehicle. [Ord. 642 § 16, 1988]

10.20.070 Obstructing streets.

No person shall park or leave on a street, including an alley, parking strip, sidewalk or curb, a vehicle part, trailer, box, ware, merchandise of any description, or any other thing that impedes traffic or obstructs the view, except as is allowed by this title or other ordinances of the city, or, in the case of sidewalks on arterial streets subject to ODOT jurisdiction, as is allowed by the 1999 Oregon Highway Plan or any rules promulgated pursuant thereto or in supersession thereof. [Ord. 771 § 1, 2004; Ord. 642 § 17, 1988]

10.20.080 Speed limits in public parks.

No person shall drive a vehicle on a street in a public park of this city at a speed exceeding 15 miles per hour unless signs erected indicate otherwise. [Ord. 642 § 18, 1988]

10.20.090 Unnecessary noise.

No person shall operate a motor vehicle in the city in such manner as to create or cause excessive noise. The operation of compression brakes, commonly known as “Jacob” brakes, in a manner that creates unnecessary noise is prohibited. [Ord. 642 § 19, 1988]