Chapter 15.10


15.10.010    Short title.

15.10.020    Adoption of code.

15.10.030    Deletions.

15.10.010 Short title.

This chapter shall be known as the mechanical specialty code provisions of the international and specialty code of the city of Coos Bay. [Ord. 405 § 50, 2008].

15.10.020 Adoption of code.

As authorized by ORS 455.010 through 455.990, the city of Coos Bay hereby adopts the “State of Oregon Mechanical Specialty Code,” 2007 Edition, as the mechanical code of the city of Coos Bay, which by this reference is made a part of this code as if each and every part was specifically set forth, provided such adoption is subject to specific deletions, amendments and additions as set forth herein. A copy of the State of Oregon Mechanical Specialty Code, 2007 Edition, shall be kept on file in the office of the public works and development department and shall be made available for reference to any person subject to requirements of this code. [Ord. 405 § 51, 2008].

15.10.030 Deletions.

The following sections and subsections are deleted from the State of Oregon Mechanical Code, 2007 Edition:

(1) Table No. 1-A. [Ord. 405 § 52, 2008].