Chapter 2.80


2.80.010    Public works board established.

2.80.020    Membership qualifications.

2.80.030    Terms of appointment.

2.80.040    Ex officio members.

2.80.050    Meetings.

2.80.060    Purpose.

2.80.070    Compensation of members.

2.80.080    Quorum – Rules and regulations.

2.80.090    Members – Prohibited acts.

2.80.010 Public works board established.

The public works advisory board composed of seven members to be appointed by the mayor with the consent of the city council is hereby established. The public works advisory board members shall appoint, at their first regular meeting, a chairperson, vice chairperson, and secretary from their membership. The position of chairperson shall be selected each January for a one-year term; provided, however, that no member shall serve more than two consecutive terms as chairperson. [Ord. 883 § 1, 2007; Code 2000 § 2.950.]

2.80.020 Membership qualifications.

Qualifications for appointment to membership on the public works advisory board include demonstration of positive interest in the development, operation and maintenance of public utilities and streets in Cornelius and status as a resident or representative of a property or business owner within the city limits. [Ord. 883 § 1, 2007; Code 2000 § 2.952.]

2.80.030 Terms of appointment.

The term of each of the initial members shall begin immediately upon their appointment to the board and shall expire as follows:

(A) Two of the members so appointed shall serve until December 31, 2007.

(B) Two of the members so appointed shall serve until December 31, 2008.

(C) The three remaining members so appointed shall serve until December 31, 2009.

Upon the expiration of the terms of each of the initial members, the mayor shall, with the advice of the council, appoint a successor to each member whose term shall have expired. Each succeeding term following the initial appointment shall be for a period of three years, and the mayor shall, with the advice of the council, appoint successors to such offices for each term of three years thereafter. Appointments shall be structured so as to ensure that terms overlap. No member shall serve more than three consecutive three-year terms. Following the completion of three consecutive three-year terms, a member may not apply for an additional term until they have stepped down from the board for a period of no less than one year, after which point they may reapply.

The mayor, with the advice of the council, may, after the initial appointment, expand or contract the membership of the public works advisory board to not more than 11 members, nor less than five members.

Vacancies on the public works advisory board shall be filled for the remaining term of the members ceasing to be members of the board in the same manner as the original appointment. It shall be the duty of the chairperson or the vice chairperson of the board to notify the mayor and city council when a vacancy so exists. [Ord. 883 § 1, 2007; Code 2000 § 2.954; Ord. 2021-01 § 1 (Exh. A), 2021.]

2.80.040 Ex officio members.

A representative of the city’s public works department shall serve as an ex officio member. The ex officio member may participate in the public works advisory board meetings and deliberations, but will not be a voting member. The mayor may also appoint city council advisory members to the board who will serve on an ex officio basis and without a vote. [Ord. 883 § 1, 2007; Code 2000 § 2.956.]

2.80.050 Meetings.

The public works advisory board shall meet at least bimonthly on a regular schedule adopted for the year by the board members. Special meetings of the board may be called by the board chairperson, or upon the concurrence of three members, or as scheduled by the public works department ex officio member. [Ord. 883 § 1, 2007; Code 2000 § 2.958.]

2.80.060 Purpose.

The purpose of the public works advisory board shall be to advise the mayor and city council regarding matters in the public works service area including, but not limited to, street construction and maintenance, and water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer line construction and maintenance. The board may also be requested to advise the council on utility rate analysis and recommendations on the budgets for operation and capital improvements.

In addition, the board may advise the council on any matter upon which the council requests guidance; provided, however, that the board shall not engage in any engineering practices as that term is defined in state law, nor shall it develop specifications covering public works projects unless such specifications are approved by a duly-registered professional engineer. The board shall not direct personnel nor investigate complaints regarding performance of personnel. [Ord. 883 § 1, 2007; Code 2000 § 2.960.]

2.80.070 Compensation of members.

Public works advisory board members shall receive no compensation for their services. The public works advisory board members shall have no authority to make any expenditure on behalf of the city or obligate the city for payment of any sums of money. However, they will make recommendations to city council from time to time regarding expenditures and/or obligations. [Ord. 883 § 1, 2007; Code 2000 § 2.962.]

2.80.080 Quorum – Rules and regulations.

A majority of the public works advisory board shall constitute a quorum. The board shall adopt rules and regulations to conduct its affairs, which rules and regulations shall be consistent with the laws of the state of Oregon, Cornelius City Charter and Cornelius Municipal Code. [Ord. 883 § 1, 2007; Code 2000 § 2.964.]

2.80.090 Members – Prohibited acts.

A public works advisory board member shall not participate in any board proceeding or action in which the following has a direct or substantial financial interest: a member or member’s spouse, brother, sister, child, parent, father-in-law, mother-in-law, any business in which the member has been serving or has served in the previous two years as an officer, director, board member, manager or owner, or any business with which the member is negotiating for, or has an arrangement or understanding concerning, a prospective partnership or employment. Any actual or potential interest shall be disclosed at the meeting of the board where the action is being taken. [Ord. 883 § 1, 2007; Code 2000 § 2.966.]