Chapter 2.95


2.95.010    Municipal police authority.

2.95.010 Municipal police authority.

The city hereby confers municipal police authority on any Washington County sheriff’s deputy who is performing police duties within the boundaries of the city to enforce any provisions of city code or city ordinances on or after July 1, 2014. This authority shall continue until affirmatively withdrawn by the city. Washington County deputies are specifically authorized to issue citations in the name of the city of Cornelius for municipal violations, to use city of Cornelius forms and citations, and to appear and prosecute violations of municipal ordinances in the city of Cornelius municipal court on behalf of the city of Cornelius. Any Washington County deputy assigned to be the city police chief is expressly authorized to perform any duty or obligation or exercise any authority granted to the chief of police under this code. [Ord. 2014-14 § 1, 2014.]