Chapter 5.30


5.30.010    Definitions.

5.30.020    Permitted activity.

5.30.010 Definitions.

For purposes of this chapter, the following mean:

(A) “Domestic uses and purposes” means any use or purpose other than a business, commercial or industrial use or purpose.

(B) “Garage sale” means all sales or offers for sale of goods and articles from and at a residence, unless the residence is located within a zone classification of the zoning ordinance which authorizes the sale of such goods and articles.

(C) “Goods and articles” means any things of value which have been owned and used for domestic uses and purposes for a continuous period of not less than six months in, at or upon the designated location of the garage sale. [Code 2000 § 9.405.]

5.30.020 Permitted activity.

No person, firm or corporation shall conduct, authorize or permit another person, firm or corporation to conduct or authorize more than two garage sales in any 12-month period. No garage sale shall be conducted for more than 72 consecutive hours. [Ord. 600 § 1, 1982; Code 2000 § 9.410.]