Chapter 13.28


13.28.010    Notice of violation.

13.28.020    Stop work order.

13.28.030    Criminal penalty.

13.28.040    Criminal penalty not exclusive remedy.

13.28.050    Jurisdiction.

13.28.060    Appeals.

13.28.070    Enforcement.

13.28.010 Notice of violation.

If the director discovers any person doing or causing to be done any of the acts prohibited by this division, he shall notify in writing the violator to cease such act. Notice shall be by service upon the violator in person, or by posting written notice at the site of the violation, or by registered mail. (Ord. 3 § 16.010, 1973)

13.28.020 Stop work order.

The director may cause a stop work order to be posted on any sewage disposal system construction found to be in violation of any of the provisions of Oregon State Code or county regulation. Such “stop work order” must set forth the specific violations of the code or ordinance which are cited as a basis for such order. Said sewage disposal shall not be covered or used until reinspected and found to meet the requirements of the code or ordinance. In all such cases a request for reinspection must be made by the permit holder to the department. If the permit holder desires a written record of his request for reinspection, it shall be by registered mail, return receipt requested. Reinspection shall be made within five working days after receipt of the request for reinspection. In the absence of inspection within this time limit, the system may be covered. (Ord. 3 § 16.020, 1973)

13.28.030 Criminal penalty.

Violation of any provisions of this division are punishable upon conviction by a fine of not more than $100.00 or by imprisonment of not more than 60 days or both. (Ord. 3 § 16.030, 1973)

13.28.040 Criminal penalty not exclusive remedy.

Criminal penalties herein provided are in addition to any other remedies provided by law including but not limited to injunction, mandamus, abatement or other appropriate proceedings to temporarily or permanently enjoin, abate, or otherwise correct violations of this division. (Ord. 3 § 16.040, 1973)

13.28.050 Jurisdiction.

Any circuit court or justice court within Crook County shall have jurisdiction over any criminal action brought under this division. (Ord. 3 § 16.050, 1973)

13.28.060 Appeals.

All decisions by the director under this division shall be reviewable by the county court. The court may, upon its own motion or upon the request of an interested person of affected public agency or public body, review the decisions of the director pursuant to this division and may modify, rescind or leave standing the decision of the director. Such review shall be at a public hearing after notice to interested persons, public agencies, or public bodies.

All decisions of the county court under this division shall be reviewable by the circuit court of the state of Oregon for the county of Crook. (Ord. 3 § 16.060, 1973)

13.28.070 Enforcement.

It shall be the duty of the director to enforce this division. (Ord. 3 § 16.070, 1973)