Chapter 18.152


18.152.010    Rules and regulations.

18.152.010 Rules and regulations.

(1) Repealed by Ord. 297.

(2) Additional vehicles will be limited to one per space and no larger than a pickup truck.

(3) Pets will be allowed. They must be on a leash, and taken to pet area for exercise and nature calls.

(4) Check-out time will be 1:00 p.m. and check-in times will be 2:00 p.m.

(5) Speed limit will be five miles per hour at all times.

(6) Liability. The Crook County R.V. park, Crook County parks and recreation or Crook County will not be responsible for articles lost or stolen on the premises. The Crook County R.V. park is not responsible for accidents, injuries, or damages resulting from the actions of occupants.

(7) Refusal of Service. The Crook County R.V. park reserves the right to refuse camping privileges to anyone who disobeys the rules of the park or commits acts of vandalism, violence or engages in an unlawful activity.

(8) Fees for staying at the park will be paid upon arrival. At check-out, the customer will receive a copy of the registration marked paid in full.

(9) Outdoor fires will be restricted to portable stoves, BBQ’s or fire rings. No fire shall be left unattended. All ashes must be cold and disposed of prior to leaving space.

(10) No livestock or livestock trailers allowed in park.

(11) Camping allowed in designated spaces only.

(12) No construction, repairs, changing oil or washing of R.V.’s.

(13) Dish and grey water cannot be expelled on the ground. Valves and discharge ends to holding tanks must be closed and capped at all times. Discharging of holding tanks and leaking holding tanks are grounds for immediate removal of R.V. from the park.

(14) Do not disregard, deface, remove, tamper or damage any building, or sign/notice posted or erected in the R.V. park.

(15) Do not erect, replace, post or maintain any advertising matter, sign, or printed matter other than legal notices without prior approval.

(16) No soliciting, selling, offering for sale, peddling or vending of any food, liquids, goods, merchandise, service, or any other items without approval.

(17) No discharging or possession of any loaded firearms allowed.

(18) No discharging of fireworks permitted.

(19) All refuse or garbage is to be placed in the dumpsters for disposal.

(20) Quiet hours will be between 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.

(21) Minors in possession or consuming alcohol will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

(22) The penalty established for the violation and conviction under this chapter shall be up to $250.00 for each violation and shall be enforced by the Crook County sheriff’s department.

(23) The circuit court, within the county of Crook, state of Oregon, shall have jurisdiction over any criminal action brought under this chapter. (Ord. 297 § 1, 2016; Ord. 77, 1993)