Chapter 16.15


16.15.010    Adopted – Intent.

16.15.010 Adopted – Intent.

The city of Fairview does here adopt the City of Gresham’s “Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Manual,” revised January 2011* and attached to the ordinance codified in this chapter, to promote and encourage construction practices which minimize the amount of disturbed land area and avoid or minimize work on steep slopes, the intent of which plan is to provide the following positive results:

A. Less chance of soil washing off the site and clogging streets, drain systems, and neighbors’ yards;

B. The number and size of erosion control measures required will be minimized;

C. The costs of maintaining erosion control facilities are minimized;

D. As much topsoil as possible is retained on concerned sites, making revegetation and landscaping easier to establish. (Ord. 4-2014 § 1; Ord. 3-1993 § 1.3)

*Code reviser’s note: The Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Manual is on file in the city clerk’s office.