Chapter 2.55


2.55.010    Created.

2.55.020    Commission member qualifications, appointment, removal and vacancy.

2.55.030    Meetings, quorums and procedure.

2.55.040    Powers and duties.

2.55.010 Created.

There hereby is created a tourism commission of the city of Garibaldi, Tillamook County, Oregon, hereafter referred to as “commission,” consisting of five persons to be appointed by a majority of the Garibaldi city council, hereafter referred to as “members.” [Ord. 317 §1, 2010.]

2.55.020 Commission member qualifications, appointment, removal and vacancy.

A. The term of office of all committee members shall be four years; but the terms of the first appointees to these positions shall expire on the schedule below in order to provide for staggered terms in the future:

1. Position No. 1 expires December 31, 2012 (next term January 1, 2013, through December 31, 2016).

2. Position No. 2 expires December 31, 2012 (next term January 1, 2013, through December 31, 2016).

3. Position No. 3 expires December 31, 2014 (next term January 1, 2015, through December 31, 2018).

4. Position No. 4 expires December 31, 2014 (next term January 1, 2015, through December 31, 2018).

5. Position No. 5 expires December 31, 2014 (next term January 1, 2015, through December 31, 2018).

The first appointees shall be appointed to positions at the discretion of the mayor.

B. Qualification of membership shall be established by the city council through any combination of experience or education.

C. Commission members may be removed by the council without cause.

D. Any member missing three meetings without being excused by the council or the commission chair shall be automatically removed from the committee and replaced by council action.

E. A commission member shall serve in his or her position after their term has expired until the council has appointed a successor.

F. A vacancy shall be declared by the council if a commission member is unable to attend scheduled meetings or serve in the position of commissioner for any reason, or is removed by the council. Once a vacancy is declared, the council may appoint a person to complete the position’s term without advertising for the position.

G. Whenever a position’s term has expired the council shall advertise said position in a method to be determined by the council. Any council member may nominate a person that has submitted a letter to the council stating their qualifications and willingness to serve on the commission, and appointment shall be made by motion and vote of the council. [Ord. 317 §1, 2010.]

2.55.030 Meetings, quorums and procedure.

A. The committee shall organize by the election of a chair and vice chair from its membership. The chair, or vice chair in the absence of the chair, shall preside over all meetings. The city administrator (manager) or that person’s designee shall serve as secretary and shall keep minutes of each meeting.

B. A meeting shall not be held without a quorum. A quorum shall be not less than three members of the commission.

C. The committee shall hold a meeting at least quarterly and at other times at a time and place designated by the committee chair. Such meetings will be announced and open to the public.

D. The council may suspend all meeting schedules and activity of the commission if it is deemed necessary for the effective operation of city government.

E. The commission shall use a recognized set of meeting rules at the discretion of the commission chair. [Ord. 317 §1, 2010.]

2.55.040 Powers and duties.

The duties and powers of the commission shall be to advise the council concerning the expenditure of city monies in the promotion of tourism, oversee the implementation of recommendations made by the commission, and more specifically:

A. To identify the need for tourism activities and events that will provide economic stability to seasonally affected businesses within Garibaldi through the collection and analysis of economic data and other information.

B. To develop a tourism plan for the city of Garibaldi that will address these needs in a practical and sustainable strategy.

C. To recommend annually to the city budget officer and budget committee a plan of expenditures based on anticipated revenues balanced against expenditures that meet the priorities of the tourism plan.

D. To recommend the development of programs, plans or processes that will further the goals of the tourism plan or generally encourage economic development in Garibaldi.

E. To participate and be involved in local and regional organizations that facilitate tourism and economic development in Garibaldi.

F. To oversee and report on the use of any departments or resources made available to the commission by the council at the recommendation of the budget committee. [Ord. 317 §1, 2010.]