The statutory references listed below refer the code user to state statutes applicable to Oregon counties. They are current with the 2015 Regular Session of the State legislature.

General Provisions

County boundaries

O.R.S. Chs. 201 and 202


O.R.S. § 203.085

General powers

O.R.S. § 203.010

Home rule

O.R.S. § 203.710 et seq.


O.R.S. § 203.040 et seq.

Ordinance penalties

O.R.S. § 203.065

Violations and traffic offenses

O.R.S. Ch. 153

Administration and Personnel

Appointment of legal counsel

O.R.S. § 203.145

Boards of county commissioners

O.R.S. § 203.230 et seq.

Civil service for county employees

O.R.S. Ch. 241

Compensation of county officers

O.R.S. § 204.112 et seq.

County accountants

O.R.S. Ch. 210

County clerks

O.R.S. Ch. 205

County governing bodies

O.R.S. §§ 203.111 et seq.

County home rule

O.R.S. § 203.710 et seq.

County planning commissions

O.R.S. § 215.010 et seq.

County surveyors

O.R.S. Ch. 209

County treasurers

O.R.S. Ch. 208

Election of county officers

O.R.S. § 204.005 et seq., 203.085

Government ethics

O.R.S. Ch. 244

Public employees retirement system

O.R.S. Ch. 238

Public employee rights and benefits

O.R.S. Ch. 243

Public officers and employees generally

O.R.S. Title 22


O.R.S. Ch. 206

Vacancies in and removal from county offices

O.R.S. § 236.210 et seq.

Revenue and Finance

Audits of public funds and financial records

O.R.S. Ch. 297

Claims against the county

O.R.S. § 210.170 et seq.

Collection and disposition of fees

O.R.S. § 205.320 et seq.

County and municipal financial administration

O.R.S. Ch. 294

Depositories of public funds and securities

O.R.S. Ch. 295

Limitations on powers of counties to assist corporations

Oregon Const. Art. XI § 9

Local government borrowing

O.R.S. Ch. 287A

Public contracts and purchasing

O.R.S. Chs. 279A—279C

Revenue related ordinances

O.R.S. § 203.055

Business Licenses and Regulations

General authority

O.R.S. §§ 203.010 and 203.035

Private Security Services—State preemption

O.R.S. § 203.090


Animal control

O.R.S. Ch. 609

Animals generally

O.R.S. Title 48

Health and Safety

Camping by homeless

O.R.S. § 203.077 et seq.

Fire protection

O.R.S. Title 38


O.R.S. § 480.111 et seq.

Food and other commodities

O.R.S. Title 49

General authority

O.R.S. §§ 203.010 and 203.035

Public health and safety

O.R.S. Title 36

Public Peace, Morals and Welfare


O.R.S. Title 16


O.R.S. § 419C.680

Firearms regulation

O.R.S. § 166.170 et seq

Local and regional correctional facilities

O.R.S. Ch. 169

Vehicles and Traffic

Abandoned vehicles

ORS Ch. 819

Driving under influence of intoxicants

O.R.S. Ch. 813

Off-road vehicles

O.R.S. Ch. 821

Oregon Vehicle Code

O.R.S Title 59

Powers of local authorities

O.R.S. §§ 801.020 and 801.040

Rules of the road

O.R.S. Ch. 811

Roads, Parks and Other Public Areas

County lands

O.R.S. Ch. 275

Park and recreation districts

O.R.S. Ch. 266

Public buildings

O.R.S. Ch. 276

Public Services


O.R.S. Ch. 265

Electric power

O.R.S. Ch. 262

Mass transit

O.R.S. Ch. 267

Utility districts

O.R.S. Ch. 261

Water supply

O.R.S. Ch. 264

Buildings and Construction

State building code

O.R.S. Ch. 455


Subdivision ordinances and procedures

O.R.S. § 215.050 et seq.


County planning and zoning

O.R.S. Ch. 215

Exclusive farm use zones

O.R.S. § 215.203 et seq.