Chapter 2.25


2.25.010    Municipal judge.

2.25.020    Municipal judge pro tem.

2.25.010 Municipal judge.

The municipal judge shall have such powers and duties as are prescribed by the city charter and ordinances for him. [Ord. 373, 1959; Ord. 213 § 18a, 1939.]

2.25.020 Municipal judge pro tem.

In case of illness or temporary absence of the municipal judge, the mayor may appoint, with the consent of the council, as municipal judge pro tem, any person having the qualifications of a municipal judge. The person whom the mayor designates shall forthwith take the oath of office and perform the duties of municipal judge pro tem during the municipal judge’s illness or temporary absence, and he shall receive such salary as the council may determine. [Ord. 634 § 1, 1974; Ord. 213 § 18c, 1939.]