Chapter 8.15


8.15.010    Definitions.

8.15.020    Grant of authority.

8.15.030    Approving authority.

8.15.040    Termination of services.

8.15.050    Fees.

8.15.010 Definitions.

As used in this chapter, unless the context requires otherwise:

“False alarm” means an alarm which is made by the business or residence owner, someone on the premises with the owner’s consent, or to an alarm’s malfunctioning.

“Security alarm” means a silent alarm that rings directly into the Junction City police department, or that is triggered and sends an alarm to another monitoring agency, or that is triggered and sets off an audible perimeter alarm. [Ord. 859 § 1, 1983.]

8.15.020 Grant of authority.

A. The city of Junction City through its police department may monitor security alarms installed in public buildings, businesses and residences on the terms and conditions set forth in this chapter.

B. Other agencies and private firms may also monitor security alarms in the city.

C. Security alarms may be installed in a business, residence or a public building. [Ord. 859 § 2, 1983.]

8.15.030 Approving authority.

A. A security alarm must first be approved by the chief of police for city monitoring before the city will be obligated to monitor the alarm.

B. The chief of police reserves the right to refuse to monitor a business or residential security alarm for such cause as the chief of police believes reasonable in the circumstances. [Ord. 859 § 3, 1983.]

8.15.040 Termination of services.

A. Owners of security alarms which the city is monitoring on the date the ordinance codified in this chapter is approved by the mayor, which security alarms the chief of police believes should no longer be monitored by the city, shall be given reasonable notice that the city will terminate the monitoring prior to the proposed termination date.

B. City monitoring services may be terminated for such causes determined reasonable by the city council’s police committee. [Ord. 859 § 4, 1983.]

8.15.050 Fees.

A. The city council by motion shall from time to time establish the city’s monitoring fee.

B. The direct provider of the security alarm service shall be obligated to pay the fee. [Ord. 859 § 5, 1983.]