Chapter 2.08


2.08.010    Established.

2.08.015    Serving as the committee for citizen involvement.

2.08.020    Membership.

2.08.030    Appointment – Four-year term of office.

2.08.035    Qualifications.

2.08.040    –

2.08.070    Repealed.

2.08.080    Powers and duties.

2.08.090    Repealed.

2.08.010 Established.

There is reestablished a city planning commission for the city. (Ord. 2017-05 § 3; Ord. 78-41 § 1)

2.08.015 Serving as the committee for citizen involvement.

After compliance with Goal 1 notice and explanation to the Department of Land Conservation and Development, the planning commission may act as the committee for citizen involvement (CCI). In the event the planning commission is selected to serve as the CCI, the commission shall act in accordance with council resolutions setting forth the citizen involvement program, as they may be amended. (Ord. 2017-05 § 3)

2.08.020 Membership.

The commission shall consist of seven members who are not officials or employees of the city. (Ord. 2017-05 § 3; Ord. 78-41 § 2)

2.08.030 Appointment – Four-year term of office.

A. Commission members shall be appointed by the city council. Planning commissioner terms shall commence on January 1st of the first year of each term. The term of office of a planning commissioner shall be four years, or until an incumbent’s successor is appointed and qualified. However, the initial reappointments under this chapter of some members shall be for shorter terms in order to establish an approximately equal number of expiring terms every calendar year.

B. All vacancies in office will be filled following an open application process. The process will include public notice by the city of the vacancy and request for applications. Following receipt of applications the city council will invite each applicant to be interviewed at the next regular meeting of the city council. Members shall be appointed by the city council following the interviews. (Ord. 2017-05 § 3; Ord. 84-13 § 1; Ord. 78-41 § 3)

2.08.035 Qualifications.

To be eligible for appointment to and continued service on the planning commission, a person at the time of appointment and throughout his or her term of service must be a qualified elector within the meaning of the state Constitution and reside in the city. Notwithstanding the provisions of this section, the city council may appoint two members to the commission who are qualified electors and reside in the urban growth boundary of the city, but do not reside in the city; provided, that the other five commission seats are filled by city residents. No more than two voting members of the commission may engage principally in the buying, selling, or developing of real estate for profit as individuals, or be members of any partnership, or officers or employees of any corporation, that engages principally in the buying, selling, or developing of real estate for profit. No more than two members shall be engaged in the same kind of occupation, business, trade, or profession. The members of the commission shall serve at the pleasure of the council. (Ord. 2017-05 § 3; Ord. 91-26 § 1)

2.08.040 Vacancies.

Repealed by Ord. 2017-05. (Ord. 91-26 § 2; Ord. 78-41 § 4)

2.08.050 Presiding officers.

Repealed by Ord. 2017-05. (Ord. 78-41 § 5)

2.08.060 Staff services.

Repealed by Ord. 2017-05. (Ord. 78-41 § 6)

2.08.070 Meetings.

Repealed by Ord. 2017-05. (Ord. 78-41 § 7)

2.08.080 Powers and duties.

The commission shall have the powers and duties which are now or may hereafter be assigned to it by the city Charter, comprehensive plan, ordinance, resolution or order of the city, and general laws of the state. For reference, ORS 227.090 provides:

ORS 227.090 Powers and duties of Commission.

(1) Except as otherwise provided by the City Council, a City Planning Commission may:

(a) Recommend and make suggestions to the Council and to other public authorities concerning:

(A) The laying out, widening, extending and locating of public thoroughfares, parking of vehicles, relief of traffic congestion;

(B) Betterment of housing and sanitation conditions;

(C) Establishment of districts for limiting the use, height, area, bulk and other characteristics of buildings and structures related to land development;

(D) Protection and assurance of access to incident solar radiation; and

(E) Protection and assurance of access to wind for potential future electrical generation or mechanical application.

(b) Recommend to the Council and other public authorities plans for regulating the future growth, development and beautification of the City in respect to its public and private buildings and works, streets, parks, grounds and vacant lots, and plans consistent with future growth and development of the City in order to secure to the City and its inhabitants sanitation, proper service of public utilities and telecommunications utilities, including appropriate public incentives for overall energy conservation, and harbor, shipping and transportation facilities.

(c) Recommend to the Council and other public authorities plans for promotion, development and regulation of industrial and economic needs of the community in respect to industrial pursuits.

(d) Advertise the industrial advantages and opportunities of the City and availability of real estate within the City for industrial settlement.

(e) Encourage industrial settlement within the City.

(f) Make economic surveys of present and potential industrial needs of the City.

(g) Study needs of local industries with a view to strengthening and developing them and stabilizing employment conditions.

(h) Do and perform all other acts and things necessary or proper to carry out the provisions of ORS 227.010 to 227.170, 227.175 and 227.180.

(i) Study and propose such measures as are advisable for promotion of the public interest, health, morals, safety, comfort, convenience and welfare of the City and of the area within six miles thereof.

(Ord. 2017-05 § 3; Ord. 78-41 § 8)

2.08.090 Rules of procedure.

Repealed by Ord. 2017-05. (Ord. 78-41 § 9)