Chapter 17.17


17.17.010    Purpose.

17.17.020    Permitted uses.

17.17.030    Accessory uses.

17.17.040    Conditional uses.

17.17.050    Restrictions.

17.17.060    Maximum building height.

17.17.070    Lot requirements.

17.17.075    Landscaping.

17.17.080    Signs.

17.17.090    Off-street parking and loading.

17.17.100    Design features.

17.17.010 Purpose.

To retain and maintain the historic and traditional nature of the Roads End neighborhood, to promote and encourage a suitable environment for family living and to protect and stabilize the residential characteristics of the area. The R1RE zone is intended to provide primarily for single-family dwellings. Nonconforming uses are permitted to continue in accordance with Chapter 17.64 LCMC. (Ord. 2017-17 § 1)

17.17.020 Permitted uses.

The following uses are permitted:

A. Residential.

1. Single-family dwellings;

2. Manufactured homes;

3. Duplexes. VRDs are prohibited in duplexes;

4. A recreational vehicle used during construction of a permitted use for which a building permit has been issued, but not exceeding one year;

5. Residential homes as defined in Chapter 17.08 LCMC.

B. Commercial.

1. Vacation rental dwellings, subject to the provisions of LCMC 17.80.050 and Chapter 5.14 LCMC.

C. Essential emergency communications, early warning and associated emergency facilities. (Ord. 2022-25 § 9; Ord. 2022-10 § 3; Ord. 2019-24 § 4; Ord. 2017-17 § 1)

17.17.030 Accessory uses.

The following accessory uses are permitted:

A. Guest houses with no cooking facilities, not rented separately from the principal dwelling or otherwise used as a business, excepting home occupations;

B. Vacation rental dwellings not rented for more than 30 nights in any calendar year, subject to the provisions of LCMC 17.80.050 and Chapter 5.14 LCMC;

C. Home occupations, subject to the provisions of LCMC 17.52.010(E);

D. Gardens and animals, subject to the provisions of LCMC 17.80.080;

E. Accessory dwelling units, subject to the provisions of LCMC 17.80.110;

F. Other accessory uses and accessory buildings and structures customarily appurtenant to a permitted use;

G. Family child care home;

H. Special event that is accessory to a conditional use allowed in the zone, provided the allowed conditional use has conditional use approval. (Ord. 2022-38 § 4; Ord. 2022-25 § 11; Ord. 2020-03 § 4; Ord. 2017-17 § 1)

17.17.040 Conditional uses.

The following conditional uses may be permitted subject to a receipt of a conditional use permit:

A. Utility substations, but not wireless communications facilities;

B. Government buildings;

C. Public and private pocket parks as defined in the city’s parks and recreation system plan, and playgrounds for neighborhood use;

D. Places of worship, and accessory uses set forth in LCMC 17.80.160(A). (Ord. 2019-24 § 5; Ord. 2019-21 § 2; Ord. 2017-17 § 1)

17.17.050 Restrictions.

A. Lighting shall be as required by LCMC 17.52.150;

B. Fencing may not exceed three and one-half feet in height in a required front setback area or required street side setback area, or more than six feet in any other required setback area;

C. Planned unit developments that include housing incompatible with single-family R1 zone are prohibited. (Ord. 2023-04 § 9; Ord. 2022-15 § 7; Ord. 2017-17 § 1)

17.17.060 Maximum building height.

The maximum building height shall be 30 feet except as provided in LCMC 17.52.190 and 17.52.200. (Ord. 2017-17 § 1)

17.17.070 Lot requirements.

Lot requirements shall be as follows:

A. The minimum lot area shall be 5,000 square feet.

B. The minimum lot width shall be 50 feet.

C. The minimum lot depth shall be 70 feet.

D. The minimum front setback shall be 20 feet. Except that the minimum setbacks from Logan Road need not exceed the average setback of buildings on all lots within 100 feet of the lot on the same side of the street which the proposed building is to be located and that abut Logan Road. The applicant shall retain the services of an Oregon-licensed land surveyor to prepare and submit a survey, at the applicant’s sole cost and expense, when averaging is proposed to be used to determine the setback. The 20-foot front setback shall not apply to elevated decks that extend from the dwelling wall into the front setback; provided, that the lowest point of the elevated deck structure is a minimum of seven feet above grade and a minimum 15-foot setback is maintained. Permitted encroaching decks may be either cantilevered or supported by posts and beams if the posts and beams meet all building and fire code requirements, and the posts and beams are not within the minimum 15-foot setback.

E. The minimum interior side setback shall be seven and one-half feet.

F. The minimum street side setback shall be 20 feet, except that it may be one foot less for each two feet of front yard setback over the minimum, but not to less than 10 feet.

G. On corner lots, the clear-vision area requirement of LCMC 17.52.060 shall apply.

H. The minimum rear setback shall be seven and one-half feet.

I. The maximum building coverage shall be 35 percent. (Ord. 2023-04 § 10; Ord. 2022-23 § 1; Ord. 2022-15 § 8; Ord. 2022-10 § 4; Ord. 2017-17 § 1)

17.17.075 Landscaping.

Landscaping shall be provided in accordance with Chapter 17.55 LCMC. (Ord. 2020-13 § 2)

17.17.080 Signs.

Signs shall be allowed subject to the provisions of Chapters 9.34 and 17.72 LCMC. (Ord. 2020-14 § 6; Ord. 2017-17 § 1)

17.17.090 Off-street parking and loading.

Off-street parking and loading shall be provided in accordance with Chapter 17.56 LCMC. (Ord. 2020-13 § 12; Ord. 2017-17 § 1)

17.17.100 Design features.

All single-unit dwellings (site-built, modular and manufactured homes) to be constructed or located in the R1RE zone are encouraged to use at least two of the following design features on the front of the dwelling:

A. Dormers;

B. Gables;

C. Recessed entries;

D. Covered porch entries;

E. Cupolas;

F. Pillars or posts;

G. Bay or bow windows;

H. Eaves (minimum six-inch projection);

I. Offsets on building face or roof (minimum 16 inches). (Ord. 2023-04 § 11; Ord. 2022-25 § 10; Ord. 2017-17 § 1)