This report is prepared as an integral part of the Marion County Comprehensive Plan. Its function is to serve as a factual data source for the development of Marion County land use goals and policies. The Comprehensive Plan is divided into two main documents: (1) Background and Inventory Report and (2) Goals and Policies Plan.

This, the Background and Inventory Report, is intended to separate factual data from the conclusionary directives stated in the County Goals and Policies Report. This report is primarily a statement of existing conditions, trends, needs and projections that lead to statements of problems or conflicts, therefore, the need to establish and implement policy decisions to deal with the planning issues.

This report is not intended to convey County land use policy; it does, however, provide the necessary information to determine land use conflicts so that County goals and policies can be established and balanced to minimize these problems. By doing this, the inventory requirements of the LCDC Goals are also satisfied.

The inventory data contained in this report represents the most current and most detailed information available. In some areas the data is not as detailed or current as is desirable. Most of it is, however, sufficient to serve the Plan needs at the present until better data becomes available. The 1980 national census will provide an abundance of current data that will be available by approximately 1982. This and other data being developed will be evaluated and incorporated into the Marion County Comprehensive Plan as additions to this report. Revisions to the base data may in turn require revisions to the goals and polices of the County.

Even though this report is considered a part of the Marion County Comprehensive Plan, updating of the data in its contents will be accomplished on a more regular basis than the Policy Plan. Revisions are essential to inventory data maintenance, are ongoing and should be accomplished on a yearly basis. When inventory data is revised it will be necessary to compare pertinent policies and update if necessary.