Chapter 2.20


2.20.010    Authority to designate.

2.20.020    Deputy county clerk – Authority.

2.20.010 Authority to designate.

The duly elected or duly appointed Marion County clerk has the authority to designate persons in the office of the Marion County clerk as deputy county clerks. [Ord. 972 § 1, 1994.]

2.20.020 Deputy county clerk – Authority.

A deputy county clerk, when so authorized by the county clerk, has the same power as the county clerk to perform any act or duty that the county clerk is assigned or authorized to perform. A person specifically appointed to do a particular act has the same power in relation to that particular act authorized. The county clerk is responsible for the conduct of such deputy county clerks or persons specifically authorized except as otherwise provided by law. [Ord. 972 § 2, 1994.]