Chapter 2.30


2.30.010    Driving record check required.

2.30.020    Authorization form.

2.30.030    Conduct of check.

2.30.040    Retention and filing of record.

2.30.050    Employment or volunteer selection.

2.30.010 Driving record check required.

All applicants for employment and appointed volunteers with Marion County shall authorize the county to conduct a driving record information check through the OSP LEDS system or other state driving record information systems. [Ord. 1058 § 1, 1997.]

2.30.020 Authorization form.

The driving record authorization form will be maintained by the human resources department, which will request that the check be conducted by the district attorney’s office. [Ord. 1058 § 2, 1997.]

2.30.030 Conduct of check.

A member of the district attorney’s office trained and certified to perform driving record checks through the LEDS system will conduct the check on the prospective employee or volunteer and will provide the driving record to the human resources department if the department has requested a written report pursuant to OAR 257-10-025(1)(c). The human resources department will make the driving record available to the employment or volunteer selection official for his or her consideration in making the selection. [Ord. 1058 § 3, 1997.]

2.30.040 Retention and filing of record.

The written driving record on persons that are not hired or appointed as a volunteer will be retained in accordance with the requirements of OAR 166-40-080 for a period of three years and thereafter will be destroyed. The driving record of applicants and volunteers that are hired or appointed will become a part of the confidential personnel file of that employee or volunteer. Access to confidential personnel files is limited to authorized persons who have an official need to examine such files. [Ord. 1058 § 4, 1997.]

2.30.050 Employment or volunteer selection.

Each employment or volunteer selection will be made on an individual basis, taking into account the applicant’s qualifications, the requirements of the particular job or volunteer post applied for, and the results of the driving record check. [Ord. 1058 § 5, 1997.]