Chapter 9.40
LITTERING Revised 5/24


9.40.010    Purpose. Revised 5/24

9.40.020    Violation. Revised 5/24

9.40.030    Enforcement. Revised 5/24

9.40.010 Purpose. Revised 5/24

The purpose of this chapter is to prohibit littering on public or private property, and to identify the method for enforcement. [Ord. 1467 § 1, 2024.]

9.40.020 Violation. Revised 5/24

Any person who throws or places, or who directs or permits another person to throw or place, other than in receptacles provided therefor, upon the private land or waters of another person without the permission of the owner, or upon public lands or waters, or upon any public place, any rubbish, trash, garbage, debris or other refuse commits the crime of littering. [Ord. 1467 § 2, 2024.]

9.40.030 Enforcement. Revised 5/24

Violation of this chapter is considered a Class A violation as provided in ORS Chapter 153. Enforcement shall be accomplished through Chapter 1.25 MCC by Marion County code enforcement officers or Marion County sheriff enforcement deputies. [Ord. 1467 § 3, 2024.]