Chapter 11.05


11.05.010    Definitions.

11.05.020    Purpose.

11.05.030    Delegation of authority.

11.05.040    Temporary closure or use of public roads.

11.05.050    Barricades and signs.

11.05.060    Appeals.

11.05.010 Definitions.

For purposes of this chapter the hereinafter noted terms shall be defined as follows:

“Applicant” means individual or organization applying to the county for permission to temporarily close or use certain limited portions of various county and public roads.

“Board” means the board of commissioners of Marion County.

“County road” means a public road under the jurisdiction of a county that has been designated as a county road under ORS 368.016.

“Director” means the director of the Marion County public works department.

“Public road” means a road over which the public has a right of use that is a matter of public record.

“Road” means the entire right-of-way of any public or private way that provides ingress to or egress from property by means of motor vehicles or other means or that provides travel between places by means of motor vehicles. “Road” includes, but is not limited to:

1. Ways described as streets, highways, throughways or alleys;

2. Road-related structures that are in the right-of-way such as tunnels, culverts, or similar structures; and

3. Structures that provide for continuity of the right-of-way such as bridges. [Ord. 1264 § 2(1), 2008; Ord. 647 § 1, 1983.]

11.05.020 Purpose.

This chapter is enacted pursuant to the authority over matters of local concern granted to general law counties by ORS Chapter 203 in order to authorize the temporary closure or use of public roads for social and community events; and establishes criteria by which such closures shall be approved. [Ord. 647 § 2, 1983.]

11.05.030 Delegation of authority.

The office of the director of public works of Marion County is equipped by reason of knowledge and information to administer issuance of permits for street closures and special use of public roads and is delegated the authority to undertake said permit issuance on behalf of the board of commissioners. [Ord. 647 § 3, 1983.]

11.05.040 Temporary closure or use of public roads.

The director may issue permits to temporarily close to vehicular traffic or use any public road upon the written request of any person(s) or organization to hold a block party or other special event of community or special interest within a public road right-of-way, under the following conditions:

A. Written requests shall be submitted to the director at least 30 days in advance of the proposed closure or use, unless waived.

B. For block party events, the signatures of all owners or contract purchasers of record of real property adjoining the portion of the road to be closed shall be contained in the written request to the director and no more than three successive blocks, or 600 feet, whichever is greater, shall be closed pursuant to any particular application.

C. The period of closure shall be for not more than eight hours, unless extended in writing by the director.

D. Postal and emergency vehicles such as fire, police, medical or other shall be permitted access at all times.

E. A reasonably safe and convenient alternate access route exists to the immediate vicinity to be closed.

F. The director shall issue no closure or use permit under this section until all agencies providing emergency services in areas affected by the closure have been notified and provided relevant information regarding the proposed closure or use and have been given at least 10 days to submit recommendations. Additionally, the director will notify each affected agency of his decision to issue or deny a permit at least three days prior to the proposed date of closure or use and shall provide each agency with all relevant information concerning the closure, to include alternate routes and methods of signing. [Ord. 647 § 4, 1983.]

11.05.050 Barricades and signs.

Except as noted below, the applicant shall be responsible for the placement and maintenance of required barricades and signs for any required traffic-directing personnel. For block parties only, the director of roads shall cause to be placed and maintained during the temporary road closure or use the necessary barricades and signs. [Ord. 647 § 5, 1983.]

11.05.060 Appeals.

Any person or organization aggrieved by a decision of the director denying a closure or use may appeal such decision to the board within 10 days of the decision. [Ord. 647 § 6, 1983.]