Chapter 13.24


13.24.010    Undergrounding of utilities required.

13.24.020    Use of water main trenches.

13.24.030    Crossing water mains – Requirements.

13.24.010 Undergrounding of utilities required.

All utility services, including but not limited to, gas, water, sewer, electricity, telephone and cable television, shall be underground in all areas annexed to the city after the effective date of the ordinance codified in this chapter.

(Ord. 332 §1, 1972)

13.24.020 Use of water main trenches.

The only utility line that may be laid in city water main trenches are powerlines of not more than one hundred ten volts. All other utility lines including but not limited to power lines in excess of one hundred ten volts, telephone lines, gas lines and cable TV lines shall be in separate trenches and distant from the city water main trenches according to the following minimum schedule: Minimum horizontal centerline distances as measured from the centerline of the water main shall be maintained as five feet on all parallel runs of utilities in the city. There shall also be three feet of undisturbed soil remaining between trenches after excavation.

(Ord. 471 § 1, 1979)

13.24.030 Crossing water mains – Requirements.

Where utilities cross water main trenches they may do so as long as the utility involved stays out of the pipe zone material which is normally six inches below the pipe and twelve inches over the pipe.

(Ord. 471 § 2, 1979)